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  1. Hi, I was put on a much safer medication that my cardiologist recommended called Ivabradine. Ok, the "scary" part is that it is not yet legal in the US, but is on the FDA fastback to become legal. It is legal everywhere else. For me, it has no side effects except lowering my heart rate. It has been really a miracle! I know not everyone is open to taking medication like this but I thought I would put it out there... :-)
  2. Hi all, I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and put on Nuvigil. This is day 3 and so far I have not felt really more energized and it has given me horrible headaches. I'm praying that the headaches go away. I did read that many Nuvigil gives subtle energy; not a jittery one. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Thank you so much! Yes, he was an older doctor and I was not happy. I think the thing that is most frustrating is that we look "normal" on the outside. This weekend I was so tired and my boyfriend couldn't seem to understand that I had to leave the mall while we were shopping. I feel like my body fluctuates so much it's quite insane. I'm going to see my cardiologist tomorrow and hopefully will ask some questions. Thank you for your support!!
  4. Thank you! I just looked into it and I have a lot of the descriptions that fit it. However, I'm not quite sure how much of it is POTS and how much could be something else? I do have a great neurologist that I saw about a year ago when I thought I had MS (my mom has it). Unfortunately, to make an appointment with him is like a three month wait. Is there any other type of doctor that would have knowledge of it?
  5. I will definitely look into that! Thank you so much!
  6. Hi! Thank you for your kind words and advice! I am seeing a new doctor this week. Yeah, the doctor I saw was voted "Best Rhumetologist" in Florida for 2013. Do you have any advice on how to find a good one? When I called around and asked if they treat FM, all of them just say yes, they do. I guess I'm just picky with doctors. I've spent so much time going to them that I really don't want to waste my time on one so flippant.
  7. Thank you! I'm really happy to have found a place where other people can understand me!
  8. Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with POTS then Fibromyalgia. I was on midrodine for a few weeks and saw no improvement. I've been on Ivabradine for the past two days and it seems to be helping. Just trying to make sense of all of these diagnoses. At this point, I feel like which is causing which symptoms? I was first dx with POTS after having a sleep study. The Pulmonologist recommended that I see a cardiologist. After performing the tilt test, I was dx with having POTS. I was put on Midrodine while I was waiting for my shipment of Ivabradine to come in. I didn't think it made an ounce of difference. Hoping the Ivabradine will. As far as the FM, I'm not quite sure that I do have it. After reading about FM and seeing numerous doctors about my pain and chronic fatigue, I decided to see a Rhumetologist about possibly having FM. During that visit, I had a lot of pain and he did the trigger point assessment. He ran some blood work and I made a follow up appointment. At the follow up appointment he said my liver enzymes were elevated and that I had inflammation. I repeated the blood work and am waiting on my results. Then, he said, to quote him, "Yeah... I think you have this... Fibromyalgia thing." He said he wasn't going to do anything about it because I wasn't having pain that day. When I asked about it, he said, "You know, it gets worse with lack of sleep, stress, etc." It felt like such a slap in the face. Like, really? You don't think I know that!? Ugh.... I also told him about having POTS, and he had no clue what it was. At this point... I felt like he was not acknowledging FM as a condition. Almost like it was the answer because nothing else fit. His exact words were "from a rheumatic point of view, you have nothing wrong." Then proceeded to make the Fibromyalgia comment. Like POTS, I understand that no two people are alike and it really is a spectrum that differs day-to-day. I'm really just confused... I feel like I've become the "queen" of acronyms... Then I read all of these people's stories and feel guilty because I know that my pain, ups and downs are no where near theirs... ugh, the empathy... Sorry for such a long post, I just am hoping to connect with other individuals that have gone through this process... it's so isolating sometimes...
  9. When you cause a scene each time you give blood at the doctor's office.
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