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Pots Caused By Pregnancy Anyone Else?

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So after my first daughter I got sick for 3wks with a heart rate over 180 standing and felt like death but I got fully better...

I didnt know what pots was then

We had another child.. in that pregnancy I noted low blood pressure. But felt alright. I was tired but I had a 2yr old and was pregnant.

After that pregnancy I was hospitalized for 3wks with a heart rate 30s. Shooting up to 160+ standing. I had the million dollar work up and they couldn't find anything really wrong.

So I wad sent home and I was bedridden for awhile however I slowly got better. By 4 or 5 months I was better... I went and lived life for a little over a year... had some fatigue around my period but felt good.

Now however im in a 12 day long flare. Felt better yesterday and today. Hr going low and high again, intense anxiety and stomach hurting. Even a slight fever feeling.

Anyone who had what seemed like pregnancy induced pots get better? Or more functional? Or did your health decline over time following a more progressive route?

My sister may have pots too, plus I have flushing a lot too. Will this just get worse as I age? Im 24. Im so terrified.

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Hi Courtney, I'm sorry to read about the troubles you're having, don't be scared though. I know that's easier said than done. I have pregnancy induced pots. I had my son four years ago and from issues following the birth (long story-hemmoraging-surgery-etc) it came on after that. In the beginning I was obviously terrified (not that I'm not scared anymore because I am) but I would hop from doctor to doctor and was in the ER many, many times with similar scary symptoms as yours. I'm not sure if I got mentally stronger to deal with them or if the symptoms got vaguely better but I feel slight improvement. When my period comes around, actually about 10 days prior, i feel like death and I say that only half joking, my heart feels like it could explode, palpitations, lightheadedness, seizury-head feeling, all these things that I normally have are so much worse during hormonal times.

I doubt things will decline over time, if anything, they will improve!!!! there will be little things you learn you can do that may help you feel better. There may be some things you can change in your lifestyle (gluten free, exercise or whatever) that may give improvements too. It's hard to say, try not to focus on pots/health, when that is your life, day in and day out, feeling cruddy, it's kind of all you can think of, I know that personally, but for a while, I quit coming on the forum, i feel like it actually made me feel worse to come on here. (yet it also makes me feel better too, to hear others going through the same thing) but what I'm getting at is that, when i quit focusing all my energy onto my sickness, i felt better. a little but that was better than nothing for me.

I hope you feel better soon and find some good answers and help for your symptoms!!!!

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I probably had POTS prior to pregnancy (I had undiagnosed symptoms but they were quite mild) but I developed severe POTS during pregnancy. My POTS was even worse postpartum and like you I was bedridden for months, and for a lot of that time had no idea what was wrong. I am far better now. For some years I had flare ups but I have not had a flare up for 4 years now (by flare up I mean such significant symptoms that I have to stop my normal daily activities). I also have worsening symptoms right before my period.

I also felt really scared when I was really sick and also after the diagnosis and not understanding really what it meant. A lot of people do actually get better and there are medications that can help! I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks so much ladies. I started 12.5mg zoloft today as my depression was honestly severe.

And anxiety.

I am praying that this flare is a hiccup in my recovery and I will have another remission. I know flares happen I just freake out with

What if

What if. Etc.

My mom died at 38yrs old while I was pregnant with my first child.

So when I get "sick" I throw myself into a panic of omg im going to die.

Idk about you ladies but as a teen I was in a few serious car accidents one included flipping 4x on the highway and another a drunk driver pulled out in front of me.

That was in 2006 and 2008.

As a kid I always had some issues running and stuff and fatigue. My sister also has pots. And other autoimmune problems.

So idk if that will make a difference in my "recovery"

However I feel my remission was a good sign of good health to come. And today the 12th day of my flare I feel my best. So I think im coming out of it. So with that said... maybe ill just flare once a year and omg ill take it! Lol

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I'm sorry you lost your mom at such a young age.

Every time I would have a flare in the first few years after initial recovery from the very worst symptoms, I would be scared. So I definitely understand. POTS waxes and wanes, for a lot of people, and for a lot of people, symptoms improve over time.

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I have rosacea. Both are autoimmune conditions. I suspect for me that POTS is a manifestation of an autoimmune problem as well but don't know.

I also had problems as a kid with running. I was never athletic. I remember a gym teacher in middle school accusing me of being lazy. I was easily tired, although at that time had no other symptoms and it was never attributed to anything. Looking back I feel it is possible I began to develop this condition as early as 12 yrs old.

I have fortunately never been in any serious accidents. Some people w dysautonomia do suspect a connection with accidents that affected their spinal column.

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I also had problems in gym, just couldn't run like the other kids my heart raced and I was soooo tired after. A few times in the gym I remember my heart being 180 on the recumbent bike!

But it never ever bothered me.

The times id say for sure thats when I had bad symptoms where after pregnancy. So I do feel ive had this somewhat my whole life but pregnancy js what really made it mad.

I will advise my children of this so maybe they can avoid this happening to them. If it is genetic.

Im looking into mcad and eds and here is why

Eds; I dont really think I have eds... my hands are flexible that's about it. I have no scarring problems and never had issues with anything joint/bone related.

However my oldest (4) has dislocated her elbow 3x. The hospital said its actually kinda normal its a partial dislocation. And it hasn't happened again in 2yrs. And she is in gymnastics. Doctors said as she got older the joint would get stronger and this was true for her.

She also has cvs which is a vomiting syndrome. Luckily it's extremely mild only twice a year. And its also something most kids grow out of.

Mcad; zyrtec zantac helped my symptoms during a flare.

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