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Help With Overheating

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As with many Dysautonomia sufferers, one of the things that really is a problem for me is overheating. My temp suddenly rises so high that I pass out and I can not tolerate the summer heat and sun at all. So I mostly stay in AC or avoid the outdoors as much as I love being outside. I've tried wetting paper towels and keeping them with me when I go out but they warm up too soon. I discussed buying a cooling vest with my doctor and she said sometimes they work for people but not always. But when we looked into getting one we found out that they can be quite expensive. Then my husband saw an ad.

My husband bought me these towels called Endura Cool by Mission Athletecare. You wet the towel and snap it 4 or 5 times and it cools the towel down - they say to 30 degrees below your body temp. I don't think it is anywhere near that cold but they do stay cool and if they start to warm up you can snap them again.

They are under $20 and so far I have had pretty good luck with them. They don't necessarily solve the idea of going to the tropics but hey, I wasn't planning any trips anytime soon. They do let me sit outside a bit and I can wear one around my neck to take a slow stroll to my mailbox without worrying about passing out halfway down the driveway.

Check it out - it really is a wonderful little tip.

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