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Adrenal Hyperplasia?


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Hi was anyone told they might have adrenal hyperplasia? One endo doctor diagnosed me with an adult onset of adrenal hyperplasia based on blood work. She gave me steroids to take. I went to another doctor for second opinion, but he said he is not sure I have it. So, i went to a 3rd endo doc who is affiliated with the university hospital and is a professor there, so he will go thru my results and let me know his opinion.

I wonder if anyone here was ever told that they might have it, and can it be affiliated with POTS?


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Can I ask what labs showed up as positive? Each adrenal has a small nodule on it, but my 17-OH? or whatever it is that was tested was normal. However, I started having worsening issues with facial/body hair in my late 40s(I'm 54 now), so always wondered. My testosterone is always normal, but I've never had my free T tested.

I do know that about 15 years ago a holistic MD put me on a low dose of Cortef(5 mg.), and I felt wonderful...awake and alive! Back then I didn't really understand cortisol, etc. I quit it under a year later. In the last few years I've read a TON on adrenal issues, and realized that adrenal hyperplasia people usually take a small dose like I was on. I then wondered if that was why I had felt so good...that I had this, and that Cortef was the missing piece.

Did the cortisone help you?

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Hi, my 17OH was 3 times elevated. There were some other abnormalities as well. My DHEA elevated, cortisol elevated, prolactin a little elevated and something else. But main concern was my 17OH three times high of the norm. However, my ACTH stimulation test was normal. One doctor says I have it, and the other says that I don't. My periods are normal, but I have problems conceiving. Actually got pregnant few years ago, but had a miscarriage. Doctor gave me dexamethasone, is it similar to what you have been taking?

I wonder if that is all I need. I have not tried it yet. Instead my primary put me on zoloft recently, but now I don't know maybe I don't even need zoloft, but need steroids.

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