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Abdominal Pain And Blood Pooling?

Abdominal Pain  

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Hey, everyone! I am trying to investigate possible causes of my abdominal pain, and am interested in blood pooling. How many of you believe blood pooling to be the cause of your abdominal pain? Are blood pooling and dysmotility linked? How many have had success using abdominal binders, compression garments, etc.? What type do you use? How expensive was it?

Thanks so much for your input. I'm trying to look into every possible avenue for the cause of my abdominal pain and nausea.

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I personally cannot stand to have anything even vaguely tight around my abdomen. If my pants get at all snug, I unbutton them and sometimes half unzip them to relieve the pressure(because I'm home all the time, I can do this). Any pressure at my abdomen seems to put pressure on my chest and head.

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My abdominal pain doesn't happen often, not every day at all, but when it does it is not a general pain all over but more of a sharp stabbing pain deep in my guts in the lower abdomen. Sometimes I think it is gas pains but it seems to make no difference whether I've 'gone to the bathroom' that day or not. They'll be so sharp that I literally have to stop what I'm doing and bend over at a 45 degree angle and clutch my abdomen and it takes my breath away. The good side is it's usually gone in 5 or 6 seconds.

Never tried abdominal compression. I wear knee high low compression stockings at work because I work in a coffee shop standing, they do seem to help the blood-pooling feeling in my legs.

If anyone else gets sharp stabbing pains like what I've described and you've figured out something that helps, let me know! :)

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I have battled very sharp pains and last year ended up in the hospital when they removed my appendix. It turned out they found endometriosis attached to my appendix and a few other places. I also had air in the lining of my intestines (fairly rare) a few years back that caused severe pain. I am thinking if we have one autoimmune problem (meaning autoimmune Pots is my guess for myself) , we are prone to others like endometriosis, asthma,, etc. . Ovarian cysts are also a prob sometimes for me. I used to not be able to stand anything tight on waist but it is improving so maybe a binder would be helpful. Severe pain should always be checked in my opinion.

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little_blue_jay- I have IBS-D and I have daily bad stomach cramps and pains. So yeah I understand where the doctor is coming from. There are some theories about IBS but I don't think the doctors really 'know' what cause the pain.

Something about misfiring serotonin that causes fast or slow peristalsis and ultra sensitive nerve fibers. Hmm.


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My blood pooling or whatever it is is really bad...like the minute I take off my compression pants or "binder" and I am still being active I literally look 7 months pregnant and it hurts. It took me a few days to get used to compression around my waist because I used to be the same way and absolutely hate anything tight around my waist or stomach. But I swear as I have worn my compression around my waist for the past 7 days now it especially helps at meal times. And if I forget to wear it, sometimes I can catch my stomach bloating and run and put it on and it starts to calm it down and I guess push the blood somewhere else. I haven't been back to the gastro since my POTS/other ANS diagnosis so that is my plan after I get back from vacation. It's just going to be a struggle finding one that is autonomic savvy I'm sure...

Anyways, what I did for my abdominal "binding"/compression is literally went to Nordstrom and bought two pairs of TC boyshort waist control compression shorts. So far I think they are enough compression to get me through for now. I also grabbed what they call a "waist cincher" also by TC brand that is essentially the same exact thing as any abdominal binder you'll see on the medical websites and whatnot. Another piece of very sturdy and compressing spandex but it is ribbed sort of and framed, just like a binder, and really soft. Again, it takes at least 3-5 wears to get used to it. And I would suggest wearing it for 2 hours first. And then maybe a break and then again for 2 hours. It also helped me immensely on my flights I just took to Hawaii. The only thing I don't have yet is actual compression hose and/or stockings. And I really needed those because my legs exploded on the plane and were so swollen I couldn't even wear my shoes for hours after landing.

Has anyone had any luck getting actual medical compression garments fitted and then medically accepted by insurance? My dad has lymphadema from cancer and he has them. I have lymphadema as well from my lymph node dissection in my chest/lungs from this past december...so I am hoping with BOTH POTS and lymphadema stuff I can maybe get actual compression items fitted to my body...

If anyone has any tips let me know!


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