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Medical Bracelets?

Medical Jewelry for Dysautonomia  

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Hey, everyone!

I've been thinking for a while now about getting some medical jewelry. I'm always worried that I'm going to faint or nearly faint while out and about, and I want to have information ready just in case. Even if it's never needed, it would be great for my peace of mind. Before I order any, I was wondering if anyone on here had gotten any medical jewelry, where they got it, how much it was, and most importantly, what information do you have on it? I'm not quite certain what exactly would be useful to have on it, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you loves.

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I have a bracelet because I am also a fainter and and worry about fainting in public. I ordered mine from creative medical id but there are tons of sites on the web that you can order from. Previous I have ordered from Lauren's Hope. I liked both of them, and had no issues. Both had good quality jewelry. The former is hand made at purchase so it does take a while for them to get to you. just do a bit of searching on the internet and you will find several sites. I would be very cautious if you do get one about what it is made of. I had a thin rope bracelet one before my current one, and it had absolutely no chance with the fainting. I broke it quite quickly from fainting. Both of my bracelets were about $50.00 which seems to be a competitive price. When I ordered mine I asked my physician what I should put on it, and this is what she told me to put on and what I have on my current one.

Full Name:


ICE (an In Case of Emergency contact number for someone close to you)

and if you carry a medical card in your wallet with medicine lists on it it might also be helpful to put something like SEE WALLET

Oh, this just popped into my head, I also prefer to order bracelets that you can have black engraving with. My last bracelet didn't have black engraving and my current one does, and the black makes it significantly easier to read.

Hope this helps!

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Mine says: "POTS and syncope. Do not make me sit or stand up before ready." Too many times EMTs or others try to get me up too soon and I pass out again and have convulsions. On the back is my husband's phone #.

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I've been wondering about medic alert bracelets vs necklaces - I'm curious about the bracelets that can be used in computers - does anyone have experience with these? - most EMS agencies utilize some type of computer run reporting system and most hospitals are computerized now so, theoretically, these would be good. The emergency personnel could plug the bracelet directly into the computer and an information screen would be visible with detailed medical information. I just wonder how durable they are. The cost is reasonable....if it really works! Anyone with experience?

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Hi -

I've purchased my medical alert bracelets from an online place weirdly called sticky jewelry (stickyj.com). Weird name, odd-looking website but completely legitimate. I liked the variety of choices in chains and shapes for the actual engraved piece. I definitely agree with FaintingGoat, that it is much easier to read if you get the black paint put into the engraving. I have one that's the engraved piece as an oval shape with a stainless steel chain and a second one that's easily washed for working in the garden or exercising as possible etc. Neither cost more than $25.

I've replaced the engraved oval on the chain one once because I didn't get the black in the lettering and it got too difficult for anyone to read (replacement needed suggested by an ER triage RN). Otherwise I have no complaints at all.

I had mine engraved with exactly the wording my POTs doctor told me to use, so ask yours before you do it. But, for what it's worth mine says on four lines in all caps.....


Tachycardia &


Freq Syncope

He had all his POTs patients use that phrasing because he said too many EMTs didn't know what POTS was and the "orthostatic" bit prevents them from pulling you up too quickly. In my wallet and on the locked screensaver of my phone there's an "in case of emergency call" note.

Good luck - Amy

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I don't faint but I have experienced anaphylaxis. I was joined up to MEDIC ALERT in Australia for a while and they provide you with a medical bracelet with their phone number on it and they keep a record of meds and illnesses you have which you can update. But I let the whole thing slip -- must get back to it. An epi-pen in my bag is not letting anyone know anything. I doubt even my family would think to look for it. In the small zip up bag that I carry my daily meds in, I keep a note detailing my meds, dosages, how many per day, and the names of my main doctors. But that's all inside my shoulder bag.

This subject is a good reminder for me to get more organized -- again!


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Not sure if this has been mentioned, but it is highly recommended to wear a medical bracelet when taking a steroid on a daily basis! (I saw in your signature that you take florinef)

from: http://www.drugs.com/mtm/fludrocortisone.html

Carry an ID card or wear a medical alert bracelet stating that you are taking a steroid, in case of emergency.

Pretty sure this is due to the fact that steroids make your body more vulnerable to physical stress. If you were to faint, for example, it's important for emergency folks to know.

The computer med bracelets seem cool, but honestly it seems quicker to look at a wallet card!

I feel SO much better wearing my bracelet. It's a great peace of mind comfort kind of thing for me.

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I suffer from syncope and recently purchased a medical bracelet from roadid. The site's products are reasonably price and the staff are super friendly and helpful. My bracket has also come in handy while fainting in public. The following is what I have on my bracket:



dysautonomia / POTS

Convulsive syncope

NKDA , needs saline

Hope that helps!

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