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  1. Has anyone seen Dr. Jeffrey Boris from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia? He is a cardiologist who specializes in pediatric POTS. I am trying to get in contact with him to see if there are any doctors in my area who specialize in POTS for adults that he would recommend.
  2. Has anyone been diagnosed with mitochondria disease or know what it is and how it is diagnosed? I feel like I have many of the symptoms, not sure what my Dr. Will think when I ask about it..
  3. I have been diagnosed with pseudoseizures, but I know that my physical symptoms are not a manifestation of mental issues. Are there other reasons why I may have pseudoseizues?
  4. Has anyone experience convulsions with their syncopal episodes? People say I look like I am having a seizure when I pass out. Doctors say I have "pseudo-seizures", but I know it is not contributed to an emotional cause.
  5. Has anyone ever been told they have adrenal fatigue? If so, what were your symptoms and how do you treat it? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone used a cane on their bad days? My doctor suggested using a cane to walk around campus when I am feeling unwell, but I feel weird using a cane at such a young age-I am only 23.
  7. So I just had a tilt table test. I passed out, but they said my heart rate and blood pressure were normal and that I don't have POTS. I have all the symptoms of POTS and normally do have tachycardia when I stand up. Is it possible to have POTS but not have an increase in heart rate or decrease in blood pressure for a tilt table test? The doctors referred me to a psychiatrist, because they don't know why I am passing out, but I know it's a physical issue because it only happens when I stand or sit up for a while. Please help!!
  8. I suffer from syncope and recently purchased a medical bracelet from roadid. The site's products are reasonably price and the staff are super friendly and helpful. My bracket has also come in handy while fainting in public. The following is what I have on my bracket: Name Dob dysautonomia / POTS Convulsive syncope NKDA , needs saline Hope that helps!
  9. Hi everyone. So I have been very unstable on my feet recently due to my POTS, and I really want to ask my doctor to prescribe me some sort of walking aid ( cane/crutches) but I am afraid he will laugh at me and tell me that I am bein ridiculous since I am only 23. Any opinions or advice??
  10. Originally I was on 10 mg twice a day, but that didn't work, so my doctor put me on the extended release, so now I take 80 mg ER once a day at night and it works great!
  11. So I have been fainting about once a week from my POTS symptoms. I have been going to the ER to get IV fluids. Upon arrival of the hospital, I am super weak and can hardly walk and talk. After giving me a bag of IV fluids, I am literally a different person and feel great! I have been taking my salt pills and drinking plenty of fluid like my doctor has suggested, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Is there a way to ask my doctor for weekly IV fluid infusions or an at home PICC line? I know they both have risks associated with them, but I honestly believe it would improve my quality of life.
  12. I am looking for a good doctor who is familiar with POTS in the Philadelphia area. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi everyone, I am not sure how this forum works, I am new to this site and POTS, and I had a question for those who struggle with POTS. I have only been diagnosed with POTS for the past couple of months. Most days I am pretty good and walking isn't really an issue; however, on my bad days, I am really bad. It feels like my legs could collapse at any second. I was thinking of asking my doctor if I should get a cane/crutch to help me on my bad days. My fear is that people are going to think I am lying, because like I said, most days I am good. On my good days, I sometimes even go for a run! But I don't want people to say to me something like "I saw you running the other day, why are you using a cane today? You're fine." What do you think?! Thanks!!
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