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Me And Drink

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Hi all,

Ive been very rough the past few weeks with very bad chest pain, anxiety and other symptoms. Latley ive been drinking nearly every day, Small shots of vodka with coke, cans of larger ect. It calms me down and 'Drowns My Sorrows', but the morning after i feel awful. I really need help but dont want to fork out alot of money to seek it, i belive with help from people like you and my strong will power i can overcome it.

Drink for me cures things, i get bad pains, i have a drink and there gone, i seem to not care about consiquences.

Im really sad at the moment and feel like breaking down. As i said anxiety has been at its peaks over the past few weeks, Stress is also high and symptoms also getting worse. I can cope with so much, but now im loosing it. Today at work i stood up, walked to the manager at his desk and my heartbeat was really irregualr, then it skipped, stopped for a millisecond and jumped. I calmfully coughed and hid all my inside feelings and anxiety, and carryed on talking to him. Im surrounded by people i dont know, and i get bad chest pain episodes, i always think 'ITS THE END FOR ME', even though ive experienced them a million times befor, but its still scarey. If i had it my way id quit work, but my girlfriend insists i work and overcome my fears.

I know how warm it can feel when people explain, that they to have experienced what i have if not worse and how they to overcome it and are still hear, and thats what im asking you guys to do, support me, talk to me and help me moove away from the bottle befor it kills me, i can feel the pain taking effect and it will soon kill me i think.

Please just provide some support and help as i cant afford medical help and as a christian i belive i can overcome things with the help of god and without artificial help.




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Hi James,

Man it sounds like you are going through some bad times right now. I am sorry to say but I really think that you are going to need to seek professional help. We can all help in the support of your disease but you need someone experienced to help guide you on your way. I also am a Christian and I strongly believe that what does not kill us will make us stronger, however; he never said we couldn't ask for help on the way.

I agree with your friends on continuing to work. I think you need something to occupy your time and trust me....work when you can!!! This sitting at home crap is for the birds. It just gives your mind time to race and come up with negative thoughts and feelings.

I know that you say that you can not afford the help that you need but you really need to check into the state agencies. They are there for people in your situation. If you were in Flint, I could refer you to my Sister. If you have trouble finding someone, email me and I will see if my sister can find someone in your area. haydenfamily@wowway.com.

Please take care and put the Vodka down...like you said...it it only going to make you feel worse in the end.

Kind Regards,


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Thanx for the reply, much apreciated.

Im determined to give this alchol up. Im not going to admit i have a severe problem becasue i will force my brain into thinking i have a problem and it will become harder to give it up. I can go weeks and months without it, its just if its there i will have it. I think a problem will occur if i continue. I need a break in a country park for a week or so a health spar might do. Ill go telephone a few today.


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It is very common for those with anxiety to develop an alcohol or drug problem due to trying to "treat" the anxiety that way. Most qualified counselors and psychiatrists are very prepared to help you with this, but you HAVE to get in and see one soon. You can lean on us for support, but you really need a professional to help get you on the right path. Please go today.


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I agree with Amy - You really need professional help... We can give support on this site but we are not qualified to deal with anxiety disorder.

What you are going through is very common... and yes many people with anxiety disorder turn to alcohol or drugs to stop the feelings of anxiety which is why you need professional help.

Please go today..

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Please don't be offended, but alcoholism really isn't something to try to battle alone, or with only you, your willpower and your faith. Those things help, but god made more than one person here on earth... and your friends, doctors, support groups are there to help you through. At a minimum, if you can't afford to see a physician for help, at least join a support group. Here in the states we have AA (alcoholics annonymous). Certainly there must be something like that in the UK.

Please reach our for help--it will greatly improve your likelihood of success.


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