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should I be worried?

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Hi everyone,

just wondered what you think about this. You will all know that I've had a great few days, been feeling fantastic and like I never had POTS in the first place.

Now I've come back down with a bang. I didn't sleep too well last night, then I woke up today and got paler and weaker as the day went on. I felt like my pulse was going really slowly, and so I took a measurement with my monitor. It was fine- text book perfect- my bp was like 100/55 and my pulse was 70.

Then I decided to take a reading while I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen because I could feel my heart pounding and my chest was really uncomfortable. The reading was 197/135 and my pulse was 131- not bad by my standards, but my pulse feels really SLOW--i don't understand this--it's not quick, I'm not getting rapid poundings, it's like a slow, heavy sensation. I don't get it.

I went to bed for a bit to lie down, fell asleep and kept waking up- every time I did I felt so faint I thought I would die, and fell back into unconsciousness each time. My mum came up the stairs to see I was ok, and my eyes were flickering, my face was kind of twitching, I tried to speak and the words wouldn't come out. Then they were sort of slurred and jumbled, but then after a bout 30 seconds I was ok (before you asked, I'm not drunk! :blink: )

I feel a bit better now, but my chest doesn't feel right. I feel as bad as I did the day Iwas last admitted to hospital here, but it doesn't seem worth going back- there are no autonomic specialists, they won't do anything to help.

So...anyone have any ideas of what to do, or what is causing all this? I came off all my drugs on the advice of the cardiologist here who said I would build up tolerances to them. Imagine if I had taken midodrine today with a BP that high! terrifying, or what?

Sorry not to have brighter news :)

Saying that, I have a job interview for Friday which might be quite exciting, but it's in a high pressured sales environment which would be like HIDEOUS for the POTS. You never know, I might be ok. Ican but go along and enjoy the experience of the interview! :)

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Sorry you are going through this now, especially after feeling so well. That is some high b/p, but did you say you have had this high b/p before? I'm sure that your b/p being that high could give you symptoms like you were experiencing. How long did the high b/p last? Maybe a call to your dr. would at least put your mind at ease. I know sometimes I get pressure in my chest , can feel that my b/p is up but my pulse is not very high but it pounds. I don't know what it is but it is disturbing. How is your b/p now? Have you been off the meds long, and did you taper off them. Wondering if it could be from going of all the meds.

Hope you re feeling better now ((hugs)).

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Ive had the feeling of really slow heartbeats befor, its like a reverse effect of the fast ones. Ive never had the other symptoms that you say you've had except chest pains, but there usually muscle tightness or something to do with my bones as i have a sunken chest bone.

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