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Free life membership of MENSA should be mine NOW!

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At long last after about THREE HOURS of trying, I finally sussed how to upload a pic of Colin Firth to brighten all you folks up every time I post! :)

Seriously, the whole techno thing...not easy, is it? anyone who can figure this stuff out should automatically qualify for free life membership of MENSA! ;):P

Colin Firth...mmm....see how kind I am to all you lovely ladies? He is SUCH a dream boat...what I wouldn't give to have him catch me next time I faint! oh ho yes!!!! :P

I'll just go to bed and dream of him now ;)

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He is the cutest in the world.( Sorry to my husband Jim if he ever sees this!)

Thanks I really needed a smile today.

Now can you tell me how to do this? And can you send me a picture of him? :-)

Hope you are having a better day!

Stacey :-)

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