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Feeling Very Sick

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Hi All,

Sorry i aint posted in a while i just been really busy latley, ive got my own PC in my bedroom now so i feel more comfortable about typing. I think ive been messed up by alchol and i absolutly refuse to drink another drop, i may have took it to far and abused its use. Last week i drank a whole bottle of peach shnapps, and the day after had brandy and coke with my brother, the day after i had a few cans and then the day after that i went out clubbing and again go absolutly smashed, the day after i had a bottle of beer and a few alchopops and then yesterday i had 3 bottles of alchopops and this morning my stomach is doing Summersaults. Ive got very bad stomach pains that come and go, and i cant use the toilet ( for a number 2 ). Ive eaten loaddds and ive only been the toilet twice and barely anything came out. Ive lety myself slip over the weeks scince i started work and have become Lazy, which is really scarey becasue i have a fear of becoming overweight. I want to just curl up sometimes and stay there, in my own little perfect place. The house were im living is AWFULLY HOT, and the weather outside is terribly HOT so its playing with my pots. Im just gonna eat toast today and drink OJ. Has anyone got any methods for constupation? i think thats what i have, theres stuff inside me but it just wont come out, lol. How would i flush the alchol out of my system and what would work best for me getting better. It dosnt stop my daily activity but its just really anoying i cant do a number 2.

Away from the question, my anxiety has gotten much worse, my eating plans are really messed up, im so angry and stressed that i cant find foods that work, im drinking OJ but for sum reason it makes me awfully tiered.

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Sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch. Boy, you did a number on yourself with all that alcohol. Definitely not the best medicine! :(

I would dilute your orange juice with water if you're drinking lots of it, it's very high in natural sugars which can make POTs worse. Also, try drinking lots of water and salt, some gatorade or other electrolyte drink. Adding fiber to your diet will help with elimination problems and also help absorb the toxins building up in your gut. Remember to treat yourself well. We only get one body. I would definitely stay away from the alcohol! I'd be in the hospital if I drank all of that! :)

Hope you feel better soon.


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Thanx Gena,

Maybee its lucky i never ended up in hospital, but i definalty felt ill. Orange juice definatly has a adverse effect on my body, makes me feel tiered, i had 2 glasses and still feel tiered now, i think ill stick to water as i dont like the fact of mixing water with O.J it makes me feel sick thinking of it. Thanx for the advice.


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I agree with Merrill you are probably severely dehydrated from alcohol.... I am sure alcohol is probably one of the worst things a POTS patient can drink...it dehydrates a healthy person...

I cant even tolerate caffien b/c of its degydrating effect...canot imagine what alcohol would do to me! :o

I would drink LOTS of Gatorade and salt.....or any elctrolite type drink.

I hope you feel better.

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