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Is this true??????

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I was told last week by an Endo that if my problem had anything to do with the adrenal glands, that Florinef would have helped it. He tied this in with aldosterone. I didn't totally understand and he really doesn't understand POTS or dysautonomia, but I wondered if anyone could give me more information on this. This information doesn't seem to line up with all the things I read, but so many of you have been working longer at understanding this.

Thank you for input - in advance.


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In light of my recent abnormal ACTH test, I have done a lot of reading this weekend on the endocrine system, adrenal glands, addison's disease, etc.

I would first off ask if your aldosterone levels have been tested and if they're low. Many people with adrenal problems how low aldosterone levels (which is a mineralocorticoid), All of the literature I read prescribed Florinef (also a type of mineralocorticoid) as a standard treatment. Aldosterone helps control blood pressure, water and salt balance by helping the kidneys retain sodium and excrete potassium. When aldosterone falls too low, the kidneys are not able to regulate salt and water balance causing blood volume and blood pressure to drop.

Some people with adrenal insufficiency also cannot produce enough cortisol, in which case hydrocortisone tablets would be prescribed (or licorice root can be effective too, as it stimulates the production of cortisol).

I have learned that the symptoms of AI are similart to POTs in that many people with AI are hypotensive and have rapid heart rate upon standing, complain of fatigue, have blood sugar problems, etc.

Ask your endo to do some adrenal test, if he/she hasn't already before embarking on a treatment plan. (I made a post earlier today under a topic called Abnormal Cosyntropin test that you can get further info from)


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