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Metabolic Disorder / Disease ?

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what metabolic disease can cause burning muscle ? no muscle weakness just burning in the arms and legs specifically biceps calves and thighs ....doctors thinking of Metabolic but its such a wide spectrum anyone have any clue? keep in mind i have had normal ncv emg and cpk

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When my symptoms were more severe I remember that sensation as well--especially in my arms and upper back. I had a lot of neurological and metabolic tests too at the time and all were negative. I agree w Chaos--I remember wondering at the time if it was lactic acid causing the sensation b/c it felt a bit like how very fatigued muscles can feel after vigorous exercise.

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if the problem is a build up of lactic acid, pickle juice is recommended for that. It's the vinegar in the pickle juice that helps - you can read about it on many cycling forums. For POTS-ies that's killing two birds with a stone as you get the extra salt as well :)





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