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Compression Bodysuits

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I found compression bodysuits, via this forum, if anyone is interested. Most of them have an F5 rating, which means that they have 17-22 mmHg compression (perfect for the abdomen).


You want the stage 2 surgical compression, not stage 1. Stage 2 is tighter (and also non-zippered, in addition).

I was looking at this http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-37-2nd-stage-suit-with-suspenders-and-medium-legs.aspx. I plan on layering my legs with compression hose.

This would be a true "bodysuit" for really bad orthostatic days. http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-53-suit-with-bra-front-panel-medium-sleeves-and-long-legs.aspx

Here is an old post on the compression bodysuits. http://forums.dinet.org/index.php?/topic/13517-how-do-you-tolerate-compression-garments/?hl=marena#entry123605

I hope this was useful.

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I'm glad you posted this. I'm going to ask our cardiologist about compression clothing. From your experience, how does it help you? Do you get use to the tightness? My son always wants to wear sweats or shorts with elastic waist. I think he has a hard time regulating his body temperature also. So I'm not sure what to try first with him or if he can even tolerate it.

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I have more energy when I use to compression and I am able to sit up longer.˙I am not sure if it helps with pre-syncope. This would probably be best for a male, but may be uncomfortable. It has an open crotch so you do not have to undress every time nature calls. http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-127-male-body-second-stage.aspx

I would look at (non-zippered) vests, versus styles like girdles. I am sure it could be uncomfortable for a male, in addition to having to get it off. For the abdomen, 15-20 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) is recommended. An F5 certified (surgical rating) compression garment is 17-22 mmHg.

In addition, I would use Sigvaris hose, which provides abdominal compression with the hose, Rachel (admin) says that the 770 series is good for the heat intolerant http://forums.dinet.org/index.php?/topic/17647-compression-stocking-options/?hl=%2Brachel+%2B770+%2Bsigvaris#entry161308. Guest_tearose, who is an expert poster at compression says not to go higher than 30-40 mmHg (millimeters of mercury), or you get too uncomfortable for leg compression. I currently have Mediven Plus 40-50 mmHg and I happen to agree with her. She also says that Juzo brand is the most comfortable.

You can ask for a prescription for the hose, which insurance may cover. But the other garments, probably not.

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I have been using compression wear by Vedette since last fall. I came up with this idea to try it randomly. I was never able to wear Spanx or waist high compression hose. I don't think spanx or shapewear is nearly strong enough and I have mild POTS compared to most people here.

For some reason these corsets/compression wear work extremely well for me. I know I pool in my abdomen. Compression hose on my legs helped, but this works better, You can buy them pretty cheap on ebay once you figure out your size. I wish I had discovered these a long time ago. I would be curious to see how yhis wors for you.

By the way, each person is individual, so I would definitely play around with different styles and compressions (as long as your dr is OK with it) until you find what works for you. On hose I love Jobst opaque (it is the softest!)

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I forgot to mention, the tightness is annoying. It takes about 20 minutes every day to get used to the tightness. However, my 40-50 mmHg compression hose are too tight and can be painful, but I do not always put them on properly and they bunch up. Next time, I am going to try Juzo 30-40 mmHg hose.

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