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24 Hour Urine Test And Blood

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The blood work itself shouldn't mess with it since they won't take much.

However... Do you have to fast for the test? If so, learn from me and have your collection start time be after you are done fasting. For some reason, the doctors and nurses didn't stop to think that they were having me fast a bunch (including no fluids) and collecting urine at the same time. I had to fast part of the day prior to my 24 hour urine test for some tests, and then fast half of the following day which was the day I started the urine collection. That messed up my urine screen and made it look like my body wasn't retaining sodium properly. Unless you have to fast for half the time period you are tested, I wouldn't think it'd be a problem. Just eat/drink as you normally would so it is an accurate reflection of a normal day for you.

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