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What Treatments To Try

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My symptoms are:

Light headed for 5-10seconds when standing (does not happen EVERY time) - Blood pressure does not drop, it sometimes goes up for a few mins then back to normal, or does not change at all really. ** maybe it drops fast and comes back up fast so I cant catch it on my BP Machine?

Heart rate goes from normal resting to between 95-110

Strangely enough, my heart rate sometimes will stay normal and not go up much like a normal person which I dont get why sometimes it does what it should and then times it doesnt. But I still get the lighheadedness when standing

My idea for treatment is:

Midodrine to bring blood pressure up by about 10pts, my blood pressure is always between 103/60-138/80 so its normal, but I think the midodrine could help with the light headedness when standing up, any opinions?

Low does beta blocker to bring HR down by 10-15 points.

I think these combined could put my symptoms to non-existant which would be amazing.

I also suffer from anxiety so the beta blocker would be another bird with that stone also.

What do you guys think to my plan?

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