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Hr And Bp Too Low??????

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Your BP is normal. Your HR is also within the normal range for many people. Some people may be symptomatic at that range, but most people aren't. My HR regularly goes to 42-43; I don't feel any different at that level than when it's higher. If you do feel symptomatic at that range, then you should get it checked out, eg with a heart monitor.

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Guest Alex

One of the things I've learned with my POTS is that the numbers I read on my BP machine/HR monitor do not correlate with the way I feel. I may feel really crappy with a standing HR of 80 one day, and the next day I could be feeling excellent at over 100 bpm. (Since I'm off most meds, my BP has been quite stable at around 100/70 so I'm not complaining there).

So, while your numbers look normal to my non-professional eye, the real question is - how do you feel?


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Totally agree with Alex, I try not to check my BP and HR anymore. Achilles-- I think I remember you saying you were athletic? I am a Nurse and I monitor patients and their heart rate. When a patient comes with a heart rate in the 40's the are usually athletic and asymptomatic.

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