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Itching After Massage...


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I've experienced something similar shortly after I came off klonopin so I chalked that up to benzo withdrawal. It was relatively short lived in my case, it went away on its own in 8 weeks or so.

Sorry you're dealing with this. Can it have anything to do with mast cells reactions? Maybe some benadryl can help?

Hope you feel better soon.


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I'm not sure why the nails or cat nails would cause such pain for you but the itching after a massage is completely normal!! I don't know the technical explanation but something to do with the massage/circulation/nervous system.

I've been going to a chiropractor and for the physical therapy portion they make you get on this vibration plate that basically does just that, it vibrates, causing your entire body to shake (side note: not good for POTSys) but it makes me itchy and the nurse says it's because it is affecting your nervous system causing it to release hormones, etc.

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Yes. I have both these issues and suspect they are different reactions.

I suspect the massage stimulates my parasympathetic system which releases histamines- especially in mylegs- I also tend to get a lot of salivation during, following massage.

Am allergic to cats but we have a hamster and I get the same feeling sometimes. when I am symptomatic I can't hold paper in my hands bc it feels like I'm holding a razor blad- hurts. Can't shave legs either during these times- like I'm cutting myself. Suspect this is simply sensory integration issues when sympathetic system is overstimulated.

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