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antidepressant for POTS

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Hi everyone,

i'm sorry for the ten zillionth question. for those of u taking antidepressants for pots, which one can you tolerate the best. i was on 2.5mg of lexapro a day. my nausea started before that, but my dr. thinks that pushed me over the edge to vomiting. and she said that the cardiologist said that all drugs in that class work okay, but he was going to try to look into why they do.

basically, my doctor told me to hold off on the lexapro until my stomach is better and then try it again and if my stomach gets messed up again then we know it's the lexapro.

but, just in case it is the lexapro, i wanted to ask you all which antidepressants in that class of meds you can tolerate? because whatever side effects you get, most likely, i'll get them. it's not guaranteed, but you know what i mean.

thanks for your help!

hope u r doing as well as possible..and better!

don't overdo it!

praying for u all!


love u lots,


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Bizarrely enough, Lexapro was the only one I COULD tolerate. I was told that it has filtered out a lot of the junk that was in the others. But keep this in mind - the stomache is the biggest manufacturer of serotonin in your body. Therefore, when you take an SSRI, you are going to have some issues in that area. The key for me was to stick it out long enough for my stomache to come around. It did, and it actually helped my IBS and Gastroparesis issues greatly.

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I had bad nausea when I started zoloft for the first month or two, but I got through it by taking ginger root pills. They helped me immensely! Just thought I'd mention that, as maybe it'd also help you....

Although if you're vomiting, I'd definitely consider switching. My first try was with Paxil and let's just say it went right through me :blink:


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Thanks, all!

I'll keep all of this in mind. When i restart the lexapro, we'll see what happens. Maybe if that doesn't work i'll try zoloft..altho, some of you get sick from that one, too. i wonder if there are any that younger kids can tolerate well...maybe then we'd be able to tolerate them! oh well.

thanks for all of your help.

i kept down some plain tofu, rice, apple sauce, and banana. :blink:

i'm vegan, by the way..i don't think i mentioned that. i became vegan furing 12th grade when i first got really sick - i could never stand milk or dairy stuff when i'd go through my sick times, and meat, even the smell of it turned me off. i never liked eggs. and then i realized, hey..i just need to leave out honey and i'll be vegan. so, i'm vegan...it happened naturally. and i have gotten my vitamins checked. i got anemic (am better from that now) but i don't think that was due to being vegan..it was probly due to not eating much at all for a long a long time!

hugs to all!

love u lotsnlots,


btw what foods do you say help u? so once my stomach is healed, i can try those.

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