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sudden bp changes


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i wanted to know if any of you experience sudden bp changes without moving, like 74 to 90 in a few minutes, i know i feel very agitated when its jumping all over, but it doesnt happen everyday, is this something to worry about? i know movements trigger bp changes, but what seems odd for me, is that i didnt move at all!, just feel real crummy, thanks to all for you support


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Radha, mine never was below 160/100 for 4 years or so and now it's everywhere. We have no idea what's going on. I'm not sure if I have some muscle damage from it being so unrelentingly high for so long, or what. I am going to ask for an echo at my next appt. I know most people seem to jump all over. so I guess my course has been a little different than most, although I seem to recall some posts of people like me. BP's do vary all the time, it's the big swings that really get you though. I feel terrible and now I'm mostly in the "normal" range. Go figure..... morgan

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Yes I experience it too, and get aggitated as you do. I find that if eat it changes and if I eat bigger, normal meals it really jumps, so its best to eat small meals. This often happens to me if I am over active on a good day too, then try to rest its jumping. Not many great days to be over active, but cherish the ones I do get. ;)

Take care,

Brenda R.

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