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Cold and trembly - Hypovolumia?

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I have a question im going to ask my doctor next time i see him, but i was curious.

The other night I watched the football and drank a few beers. I know it isnt good, but sometimes i just cant resist - and i thought - what damage could that do?

That night in bed though, I got that familiar weird feeling - where my body is shaking because it feels sooo cold, yet Im not feverish - i feel cold as well.

So the symptoms are cold and clamy skin, tremors like im freezing, feeling weird in the head and sometimes an ache in the back of my neck.

Could this be being caused by hypovolumia - i remember a few people here saying that sometimes they feel bad when they are hypovolumic - how can they tell?

Or is this just another weird migraine varient? Ive had a number of off ones - basiliar and autonomic storms.

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Sorry to hear you had a bad night (although I'm sure the football and beer were great fun initially! :blink: ). If I drink more than one unit of alcohol, my blood pressure drops and I get tachy, have a headache and just feel very potsy. Alcohol can dialate your blood vessels, thus lowering your blood pressure. It can also act as a diuretic, depleting fluids from your body.

If I drink a lot of water during the day and prior to drinking alchohol, then it really helps to offset many of the nasty POTS symptoms that might follow.

I would imagine that the alcohol may have instigated some of your symptoms, but sometimes we just never know! :( I try to stay away from it, although it's nice to indulge now and then.


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