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Nervouse and need Help...

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Hi All,

Sorry i aint posted for a while, been busy. Im still in my POTS hole and have gave up trying to get out so i built a house down here. I had a job interview yesterday and whilst i was sitting there i was really nervous, my hearbeat was skipping then Bang, i had a big skip, like a flop in the chest, it automaticlly brought a cough then went, i recovered back to normal and show'd my new boss no signs that i have POTS ( sometimes they choose not to employe you ). I start in less them 18 hours and im scared i will have a panic attak at work, sometimes i feel like getting up and running out. The jobs working for a TV Network that sells goods, im taking orders via phone and PC, what would give me a good start to the morning, im going sleep early to get enough sleep, what should i eat, drink, any excersises? Any advice at all that will make my day better and more calmer at work. Thanx


Going bed soon so replys befor bed would be great.

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Just be calm by being confident in yourself. Don't eat a lot of sugar or caffeine before hand. Drink plenty of water, broth or possibly gatorade before hand. I wouldn't recommend exercising if your not use to it, might trigger long term exhaustion. Clear your mind so that you can sleep, don't be thinking about what if's!

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Congratulations on your new job. Hope you first day went well.

When I was in a bit of a POTS hole and working, in the past, what worked for me was keeping fluids like gatorade at hand during work (hopefully you can do this), eating high protein, small meals and snacks in the AM, AND spending minutes of quiet time each morning and again at lunch. Just sitting, working on relaxing and breathing (normally). This may help with your anxiety. It is pretty important to do what you can to keep externally caused anxiety as under control as you can!


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Positive attitude is worth everything. Visually plcture yourself being confident and succeeding at your new job. Visualize others heaping praise upon you at how well you have done your job. Really SEE yourself in your mind's eye.

I had to take a several hour oral examination to become board certified in the past. I was scared to death before I DECIDED that I would succeed and imagined EXACTLY how I would look and feel succeeding. By the time of the test I was so psyched that I was smiling and happy to take the test! I actually looked forward to the test because I had convinced myself that it would go well. I felt SO much relief when the success became reality.

You can do it!!!! Smile and breath easy. Relax. This is the beginning of good things to come.


your sister in POTS

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Hi James,

Congratulations on the job! Have you read the post I put up on palpitations ...

It was titled "Palpitations. (sub) Everything you ever wanted to know ..." started on March 24, 2005. Read it. Take it with you to work. And read it again.

I just saw my cardio today to confirm with a "Real Person" that what was said in the article was true for me. Print it out, show it to your doctor and say -- hey, are my palpitations benign too? It may give you some piece of mind.

That said, I completely understand how you feel -- I left a meeting last week when few hit really hard. It's the pits. Even though you "know" intellectually that they won't kill you ... I think the Vagus nerve hits the "doom and death" center in the brain and it doesn't matter how much cognitive reason you bring to the table, it still has the power to knock you for a loop.

Tomorrow I have my yearly job review. My boss knows I have POTS ... but it's still a very terrifying thing for me to face a performance review. I will likely have some back up plans in place ... excuses to leave if necessary. And if so, I'll collect myself and re-schedule if it comes to that. Fact is I have POTS. Some days will be better than others ... some days will feel almost normal ... and some days will be the pits. But I have a lot to offer my firm and sounds like your new employer believes in you as well.

Give yourself grace and compassion.

We are all here rooting for ya!


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Xanax, Klonopin, then more Xanax and Klonopin....Ha, ha, just joking. :) But I bet that would help get you through your first day on the job with a lot less anxiety. (By the way do you take any meds or herbs for anxiety/panic attacks? - just curious).

I agree with all of the other posts here, I especially like Karyn's comments about imagining yourself having a great first day and being positive, and EMs comments about giving yourself grace and compassion too. Congratulations on getting this job. You'll do just fine. :P

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