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Exercise And Chest Pain


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I have had my first remission and been 50% better for 3 months since starting to swim a mile three times a week. My enduring chest pain finally improved. However i am going through a bad patch again and am never sure if i should exercise while having chest pain. This is because i still do not know why i have this chronic chest pain problem.

Because it is chest pain i am a bit nervous about exerting myself but maybe that is the opposite of what would help.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'm not quite sure what to say. Have you asked your cardiologist?

I had terrible chest pains for a few months last year. However, I had an echocardiogram and I knew there was nothing wrong with my heart. I finally started taking Klonopin and that seemed to calm my nervous system. Within a day or so it relieved my chest pain and also helped to lessen my tachycardia. I have a minor tightness in my chest, but I really haven't had chest pains since I started taking Klonopin.

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The chest pain and the shortness of breath were two of my symptoms that Levine's exercise and salt/fluids improved almost 95 %. Mine is in the same spot and radiates around to my back, so I just tell myself it's muscle/nerve pain and not angina. My ECHO was perfectly normal as have all my EKG's and I'm young so I have no reason to believe I am at risk, but I do agree it is a very scary symptom!!

Now that I haven't exercised regulary in several months the SOB and chest pain are both back. :( I'm planning on starting back his program again. The reason I am doing his is that when I try to just exercise at my own pace I just don't seem to get the same results as I did when I was doing it the way he outlines. Maybe Im not pushing myself hard enough?

Either way, as long as you've been checked out and ok'd it's just something that has to be pushed through.

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