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Just wanted to say Hello


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I'm sure it's rough to have to take salt pills, I know I am not a huge fan of salt, and I literally have to dump it on everything now (yuck!!!). I wonder if the Pro-Amatine is making you so tired because once it wears off, your body is once again working double time to try to pump blood upwards? I know that is one reason why POTS patients suffer from fatigue- our bodies are just in overdrive all the time!! My doctor once told me that what our bodies are going through sitting or standing is what a normal person experiences when walking fast or jogging. Just a thought!!

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Welcome Carla!!

I think I've talked to you on another board about salt - lol!!! Are you still able to find salt pills? I liked them so much better than table salt, but apparently Eli Lilly discontinued the only kind I could find around here, so I'm stuck with the table salt!! Where do you get yours?

I couldn't tolerate Proamatine as it increased my tachycardia so I can't help you with that.

Nice to hear from ya,


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