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Opinions On Xanax Please


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Hi everyone,

I thought I had seen a thread on xanax somewhere on here and I cant seem to find it so I apologize for starting a new thread if there is one already.

I have a qeustion, my doctor has prescribed me xanax, I am a bit of a pharmacophobic because of my sensitivity to meds over the years, so I havent tried it yet. He wants me to be calm and try to use it during a tachy episode (which is all the time lol). I have never been one to take anything for the anxiety, physical or mental but I am sooo exhausted Ive been considering trying it.

The qeustion is, how does it help u guys if u have tryed it? and because I always feel short of breath and on the verge of passing out or not breathing right does it surpress ur respitory system in anyway and make this worse or does it help? Also if u have low bp does it tend to lower it more? I dont wanna take one and find it makes my pots symptoms worse and then make my anxiety worse...

Im such a mess and my doctor says TAKE IT and RELAX but i cant...lol <sighhh>

TIA!! -sarah

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I tried it once when I was symptomatic for days. I took half, because I'm also super sensitive and leery of that type of medication. All I can say, is I'm glad my hubby was home, cuz it made me VERY relaxed. I slept great lol. Honestly though, I don't think it made my bp any, lower, I think it just relaxed me, so naturally my bp and heart rate stayed low, since I was not crazy anxious anymore.

Start small... It sounds like you could use some tlc... Try a half, run a bath, watch a sad movie.

We forget that along with all that life throws at us, we deserve a little peace every now and then.

I'll send you some calming Pacific NW rain vibes :-) Its really pouring...

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I use Xanax as needed for the specific purpose of preventing a POTS episode. I think we are all a bit different in how we respond to drugs and Xanax is a good drug to have in your toolkit. Some use it daily but for me I use it rarely in the following situations:

- I know I'm about to get anxious/ scared. (fly, IV insertion, dental work, etc)

- when I feel my anxiety/stress getting the best of me (rushed, worried, getting ready to leave on a trip, getting ready for one of my kids Bday parties, etc.)

In these situations it really helps me get through and prevent the stress of a situation from making me crash.

I have not found it to be helpful in reducing tachycardia. I too struggle w low BP and it may have a minor effect on mine- but not enough to note. I have used it once during a crash where I felt my sympathetic nervous system taking over. It did help.

Like LC I agree start w a really low dose. I too am sensitive to meds. Too much and I'm catatonic. Remember my first visit to hospital where they gave me a 1.0 dose after my bpm jumped to 140 upon standing. I was catatonic for the next several hrs. A .25

is usually what I take and seem to do fine w it.

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I'm like you - I hate the thought of taking any type of medication.

My ex took it regularly and a friend of mine was on it before he went on an SSRI. I was just talking to him about it earlier today - saying he started out on a .25mg (notice the decimal place) dose. What dosage are you taking?

Check out the Adverse Reactions:


If you have an allergic reaction it could cause "respiratory depression" but other than that it doesn't look like it really causes blood pressure issues.

Maybe you can start on a lower dose just to see how it feels (cut the pills into halves or thirds?). You could see if your doctor disputes that idea...

Either way, I hope it helps you! Good luck, and let us know the response you have...

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Thanks guys, your reassurance is priceless. I hate being sick and really hate meds ever since a really bad reaction to a med years ago. I am prescribed .25 so I will start with half and TRY to relax. Im one of those people who is calm on the outside but a complete wreck from holding all my symtoms in for so long. Im hoping it will be a mini "mental" vaca for a few hours just so I can recharge and keeping looking for the root of all this. Thanks for the advice !! {{{hugs}}}

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Just knowing that you have the med there can be quite helpful as well, you know. I get quite bad PMS, also known as PMDD. I can go from chirrupy to extremely anxious and depressed in about five minutes flat if my hormones are in the mood. After two years of being put on much heavier-duty meds, such as Cerazette, which just made everything worse, my GP gave me 2mg diazepam (Valium) to take as needed. I don't need it all that often, but it's really useful when I do need it, and it is also comforting to know that it's there in case of emergency. It's the lowest dose you can get for diazepam and I'm absolutely fine with it. Try it on an occasion when you know it won't matter if you get a bit sedated (so not when you need to drive!) and you feel safe. It's not a lifetime commitment to try out a med the once, don't worry. If you don't get on with it, then you don't take it again, it's that simple.

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I feel ur pain. I can go from hi-low in no time flat and always had huge hormonal swing, no fun. I think knowing its there just in case is half its purpose lol Thx for the feedback Im gonna give it a go tommorow after the kids are off and I can vegg with the remote and a pillow lol Cheers

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