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As Good As It Gets... A Positive Doctor Story.

Rachel Cox

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I just want to share my joy at finding a truly lovely doctor. When I first met him, he was unsure about POTS but courteous and thoughtful. I see him through our public health system and so it was some time before I saw him again (you can't just book in an appointment). In between visits I had been back in hospital and had developed worsening symptoms. I was feeling so incredibly despondent. It so often seems like your life is disappearing an no one cares.

I got onto the forum and did some other research, some wonderful messages of hope flew back and forth from various people (thank you if you were one of them!) and I felt very welcome and included back here. The information I found was burning my brain and I was desperate for some help/action/movement from someone who could do something about my situation.

So I emailed my doctor. I was just honest and laid out what I had found out and what I hoped. I told him I didn't want to be an annoying patient, in fact I didn't want to be a patient at all. I pressed send and thought 'now I've done it. He will think I am a crazy lady and pass me over to someone else!'. He rang me at home that afternoon. He explained that I currently knew more about my condition than he did, but that he had access to even more information and would educate himself before our next meeting. Bless that doctor... he is so busy, but he has continued to call me and remind me that he is 'on the case'. Hand on heart, there is nothing more I could hope for in a doctor. Simply to know that he has remembered and is thinking about my problems is something extraordinary.

So, I live in New Zealand. We don't have an autonomic testing facility here. It has been a long time since my original diagnosis without definitive evidence of why my body is doing these strange things. At my last visit with my doctor, he gave me a beautiful synopsis of autonomic dysfunction (nice brain he's got) and told me that he was sending my bloods all the way over to the Mayo clinic. He has been in touch with other doctors, including an immunologist. I am also to have a CT scan to look for thymomas. He has put me on Mestinon.

I think it must be hard being a doctor, listening all day to problems. Some of which you can solve and others which require an awful lot of tenacity and tolerance. I think bad doctors are doctors who don't care anymore. Good doctors, who care, still exist and I am happy to say, I found one!

My husband and I were so thrilled, we thanked our lovely doctor and he was very cautious "no, don't thank me, we haven't found an answer yet"... and yet, we have. We have found someone who cares about looking for an answer. In my book, that is about as good as it gets. And that is enough for me!

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Rachel, I have caring doctors as well and they are the blessing in my life. My doc ANS gave up on me years ago (but I could come back when I needed him. Not that he could do anything more than we already tried, but I was welcome) but after years working with my GP who never gave up on me we decided I needed to go back to my ANS doc and I went and told him that I needed him to feel responsible for my case. Which he did and from that time we work so very well together. Not always knowing answers, but trusting and respecting eachother. So here's a huge THANK YOU to my caring GP and doc ANS who work really well in our team. And to every caring doctor in this world. Things are easier knowing that you are taken care of!

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