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Hi Everyone! Newbie Here, Elevated Cardiac Enzymes And Pots?!


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Hi, everyone, I am newly diagnosed although have suffered since I was 7 years old with syncope and its nice to finely find people I can talk to who may understand. Everyone I know looks at me like Im crazy..until I hit the floor that is lol

Anyways, I was recently hospitilzed because the cardiac and gi issues are new symptoms for me and my body is rioting..upon looking over my records I see that my cpk-mb levels were high, which may have been why they admitted me to the cardiac wing for two weeks ( along with the resting hr of 170 and bp of 70/40 lol ahh) Does anyone know what, if any the corelation cardiac enzymes and pots could have??? Is my heart just ...tired ? lol Just trying to ease my mind ..Thank you!!!! :wub:

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Well that is sort of scary. Are you out of the hospital? That is associated with heart attack or heart virus. What have your doctors told you? Have you had a chance to read your own hospital medical records yet. There will notes under all the docs names that treated you as well as the hospital records. Hospital records are great, as all you have to do is request them directly without going through a doctor. You'd be surprised what your not told and what tests they did.

Pots itself can be a secondary symptom to another condition. Did they ever figure out what brings on your syncopes? Also interesting that you have hypo blood work. That has all got to mean something and is sort of unusual.

Which I could help but your post raised more questions then answers.

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Thank u misstraci, it is so nice to be here, although we'd all prefer to not be I'm sure lol

arizonagirl, thank u for your response. I am out now, thank goodness. The doctor told me after I addressed the labs that "I should not be worried, I didnt have a heart attack" well thats reassuring lol however he couldnt tell me why they were high and avoided the topic any further. I had a nucleur (sp) stress test, echo, iodine cat scan ( both oral and intrevenous, due to a mass they found on my liver, which turned out to be benign whew lol) I also had a colonoscopy (ugh) due to the gi issues and a 24 hour urine and other various labs Im sure. I absolutely will reqeust those records since they didnt exactly have good communication in the hospital. Good tip! I am so very interested in finding the connection to the hypo symptoms as they seem to be connected in some way, however my pcp doesnt seem to feel its urgent at the moment to look for an underlying cause.He feels my pots may be idiopathic, however I disagree. Frustrating to say the least to keep putting a bandaid on the symptoms.

I have symptoms of hypo pots,massive allergic reactions, flushing etc; however other symptoms contradict ; low pottassium and bp, so I am at a loss

They nevr have given me a reason for the syncope other than low bp, but what is causing the low bp??!! I am currently having my pcp pull my childhood records to see if there is a connection or pattern...hopefully it will help..

Thanks for your responses ladies and I hope you are all doing well and keeping your heads up, I went to the drug store today for the first time in 5 months, without passing out or chest pains!! ohh how I miss the little things :P

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Well that is good get all those records and read the test results yourself. I agree and support you that you need to pursue this further. First, though you need to research those records and see what you find. Did they biopsy that liver tumor and that is how they know it's benign?

The fact that you get hypotensive with the pots is common together and is one of the forms of dysautonomia we see here.

Maybe post about that and the allegies and flushing. You will get more comments and support that way. Cardiac enzyme issues aren't to common on here, so you will get less response to that one.

Keep us updated.

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Hi and welcome,

I also had slightly elevated cardiac enzymes last year and it was caused by perimyocarditis (a virus inflamed my heart). I was told that an elevated HR for a long period of time can also cause them to be increased. As others suggested, I believe it would be interesting to know what your levels were and what the results of all those tests are also. I find it a bit odd that the physician didn't want to expand on the topic.

BTW, they also found a "mass" on my liver that was determined to be an hemangioma following a CT-scan, an ultrasound and a MRI of my liver. At the time I was stressed out by that finding and found all the tests to be tiring but I'm happy they determined it was a hemangioma and is benign. Did they tell you if what you have is the same thing?

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Arizona girl, they didnt biospy and until canadiangirl73 mentioned it I had forgot what they called the "mass". It is a hemangioma or vascular mass. So that is good news.

Canadiangirl73, I find it odd as well he didnt want to explore further and honestly, although he is a very caring doctor that literally held my hand and let me cry on his shoulder, he seems to be lacking in experience with POTS. I think he is learning right along side me. I am greatful he is not calling it anxiety like so many of us are badgered with hearing. I do however hope to find a specialist of some sort that can look a little harder. The liver thing was exactly what you have and before they knew what it was they told me I probaly have cancer and that explains all my symptoms. I could have rung his neck when it came back to be nothing to worry about.(although I was relieved) Like we dont have enough worrying us...<sighhh>

I have wondered about periocarditis, but xrays and scans were all good, so maybe its just prolonged tachycardia, but it is worrisome that it could be causing damage. :rolleyes: well, thank you for your responses, its nice to know we are not alone!

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