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So Tired After Eating


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If I put even the smallest amount of food or liquid in my stomach, anything...I get so very tired. That "turkey dinner" feeling. I've been told that it is due to the blood rushing to my stomach and intestines and trying to get my stomach to work. I do have gastroparesis and coloninc inertia. Just don't understand. I have had no food all day thanks to my GP getting worse. But thought I would eat 1 cup of campbells chicken noodle soup. Trying to get in some kind of nutrition. And now I feel like I could go to sleep if I just put my head on a pillow. But I can't do that, got to take care of my sick daughters. It's a real problem. In order to do what I need to do I got to eat or drink something. But this is what happens.

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That's true: When you eat a meal blood is allocated to your stomach/abdomen. Otherwise, you'd probably get nauseous every time you eat and that'd be worse than feeling tired (in my opinion at least). Another thing is that with most foods we eat, they cause your main artery to spasm and narrow (by about 50% from what I read). You're supposed to eat something like tomato slices, or a multivitamin because the "lycopenes" will cause it to spasm back open.

I hope you feel better soon....

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I don't know if this helps, but I once read that being 'quickly satiated' while eating can be a symptom of POTS.

This 'hit' me, because I never eat more than half of anything served to me. I get full quickly on a small amount of food and always have.

Even a whole sandwich is too much. I eat half, and I'm done.

Feel for people who struggle with their weight. Think there's much more to it than calories in and calories expended...I suspect it's far more complicated. They're finding all kinds of hormones in the stomach that have a huge impact on when and why we feel 'full'.


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I suffer terribly from this its called post prandial hypotension. Its usually seen in the elderly however I now know that Ive had it certainly from the age of 14 onwards.

I really used to struggle to stay awake after eating lunch at school, then university. It was a nightmare when I had to attend the lecture theatre as they would turn thelights down and have a spotlight on the speaker. On more than one occasion I interrupted the speaker with my gentle snores! I never knew what it was until I got diagnosed with POTS and started trying to find out more.

Some websites suggest taking ibuprofen before a meal, my consultant says that works too slowly. Hes asked me to try very strong coffee or tea whilst having my meal and after the meal. Some days it works some days I just fall asleep.

I no longe have much of an appetite due to intermittent gastroparesis. I rarely eat breakfast, if I do I am asleep for an hour or so afterwards then lunch will do the same. Its not a nice sleep its more of a combination of sleep and a blackout. My BP will drop into the low 70's and my eyes roll in my head. When I come around from this I am extremely groggy and it takes a good 90 minutes before I feel normal again.

Its so incapacitating as I can not do anything other than go to sleep and its getting worse.


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