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I'm quite new to this site, and I am just amased at how many people are experencing the same things as myself.

I always avoid lifts like the plague, what helps to lessen the feeling on leaving the lift is to pretend to tie up shoelaces, or keep your legs firmly crossed over and tighten your thighs. I have simiar experiences on escallators as well.

I have had in the past, experienced syncope on leaving a lift - lucky for me I was actually going for some tests in hospital, so I was looked after very well

Let me know if you come up with any other useful tips for dealing with lifts, i'd love to know as i still haven't quite mastered them.

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It is a hard call ... walking up the stairs wipes me out completely yet taking the elevator makes me feel very off balance like you described.

I just had a meeting this morning and noticed that same kind of jello floor feeling as I stepped off. I was so fortunate that it was a small work group and I was able to push up another chair to put my feet up on in the board room. They even had arranged for a teleconference for me if it was going to be one of my "bad days" and I needed to phone-it-in.

Thanks for the elevator post. It will be interesting to track what others experience.


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YES! The other day I walked into an office building, took the elevator, then walked into an office and almost fell on the ground while talking with the receptionist!

I stay dizzy for quite a while after an elevator ride!!

That's so interesting!


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My wife can't handle elevators at all. She does better if she can kind of sit close to the floor. Even at Mayo, we walked the stairs to most appointments and on her bad days if she needed to ride the elevator it was always with a wheelchair. It takes her a bit to "recover" from the ride. She also has a very hard time riding in a car.

I think it is hard for us (myself) who don't have these feelings to completely understand what a POTS patient goes through. I had an appreciation for how sick (very, very sick) my wife got prior to going to Mayo, but watching her that week and watching the "live" test results, I gained a whole new understanding and appreciation.

Elevators are particularly bad for my wife and we go out of our way to avoid them. Unfortunately, access to stairs on the first couple of floors at Mayo leaves a little to be desired.

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