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Denied Again


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I got notice from SS today that I was denied disability again on reconsideration. !!!!! The reason again is timing - I am applying years after my insurance ran out and they're saying there isn't enough evidence that I was disabled during my period of eligibility. You can apply late, but it's harder to prove you were sick THEN and now. I submitted a very detailed timeline, as well as medical records from that period which shows me running from Dr. to Dr. with the same symptoms I have today. My official diagnosis came 3 months too late. Where do I go from here? What is the appeals process like? Should I try to get an attorney? Please, anyone - any advice is welcome.

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Oh I am so sorry to hear that news. Ugh!,, I'm frustrated with you this evening.

I'm not sure if it will help but I'll share with you my thoughts about what I learned. I was approved last month on applying the first time. I actually expected I'd be dealing w denials and appeals but did not. I did have an attorney, although I did not need or really use him. He made a bunch of money for a one hour meeting many months ago and a little bit of correspondence.

Here's why I think I was approved:

- two recommendations from docs both saying I was completely unable to work. (one written by an Autonomic Dysfunction specialist who has filled out these forms before)

- almost all my paperwork was actually completed by my husband's executive assistant who has a legal background so she was very detailed and specific with examples- such as "she is unable to stand without fainting for more than 3-9 minutes but becomes symptomatic after 30 seconds" throughout their questionnaires. (I think I had about a dozen different forms to complete- I had extra because I own a business). This was not out of convenience but eventually out of necessity- I tried for many weeks but just couldn't mentally do it and put the info together.

- I don't know why this is but the Dx on my SS paperwork was a surprise to me- (I don't have it in front of me otherwise I would tell you what it said but it said nothing about POTS or NMS (which I consider to be the most clear Dx thus far) it did refer to an

arrhythmia I recall. But thought you might want to know about that.

You are in my prayers as you continue this battle. Don't give up. Make sure you dot every I and cross every T and at this stage I would hire a lawyer. Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific questions.

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Thank you for your input, Kelly. I spoke to an attorney today who thinks I still have a good chance, despite my special circumstances. I'm going to meet with her soon. I'm just exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally - I need this pass this onto someone else to deal with. Good for you getting it the first time and avoiding all this aggravation.

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I would also say get an attorney. In my state PA you are always declined the 1st time and then they tell you get an attorney. I did and was excepted right away. My POTS and my Migraines got me my diability. Good luch and will be thinking of you.

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