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Back Pain

cala J

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Im just wondering if any of you have lower back pain that goes down into your legs that you associate with POTS? the symtoms are so endless tht i find it difficult to distinquish anything as being a seperate health issue. i have had a car tip and a fall in the past two years and have also had a significant increase in symptoms in the last two years which led to my POTS diagnosis erlier this year. The pain is definately not muscular, i think it feels more like nerve damage and often keeps me awake at night (if that makes any sense) and dont know if i should mention it to my cardiologist at my next appointment or not. A previous doctor rolled his eyes and told me every one has back pain. I would be so appreciatiove f any feed back you guys could offer.

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Don't think this is particularly a POTS symptom. Back pain that goes into your legs can be caused by many things but most of them are structural (nerves, facet joints, myofascial pain,etc) and can be helped by things such as physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise or other non-surgical interventions when performed by skilled practitioners. It might be helpful to talk to your PCP about a referral to a good Physical Therapist for an evaluation.

While a lot of people DO have back pain, pain that goes into your legs should be addressed and not ignored. And, back pain (even the kind just in your back) can be frequently be alleviated or ameliorated with life style/posture/exercise and other interventions. I hope when you say "a previous doctor".... that means you no longer bother to see him. What a loser.

Hope you can get some help soon. This is one thing I wouldn't blow off as a POTS symptom.

Good Luck!

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