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A Few More News Stories/pots


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I can relate. My son played select soccer year round and select baseball in the spring and fall. It was a juggling act to make it to soccer practice and a baseball game in the same night. He was a very popular kid with tons of friends. That all came to a stop in the middle of his eighth grade year. At one point, I wished we could slow down and maybe take a summer off. So, be careful what you wish for. We not only slowed down, we came to a complete halt.

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I wonder with it happening to very active people OR to people with EDS OR to people like me that have a history of bad bones, including the curvy spine, could it be that it is related to the brain/spine? I mean, a physical problem such as Chiari or cervical issues, or some other mechanism?

I still have that cervical issue I want a specialist to answer for me. I have other issues I want ruled in/out in regards to POTS, but the physical/mechanical issue of spinal/brain compression upon standing is something I need to know.

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Sue I've wondered about this as well; my neck has hurt at the base of my skull since I was dxd, though nothing appears abnormal on testing. It seems like the neck pain has totally emerged with the POTS, and it doesn't have anything to do with the ANS that I know of, so why does it hurt all the time? I wonder also if this is why yoga is helpful for some; it loosens all that up.

My dr. recently prescribed massages every two weeks to help with my condition. I don't know if it's related, but I'll take that! :)

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