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Bugleweed - Peripheral Vasoconstrictor

Guest maia

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While working on something completely unrelated to POTS, i found this... thought id pass it along...

Names: Sweet Bugle, Water Bugle, Gypsywort.

Habitat: Eastern USA- L. virginicus. Europe-L. europaeus.

Collection: It should be collected just before the buds open.

Part Used: Aerial parts.


  • Phenolic acid derivatives; caffeic, rosmarinic, chlorogenic and ellagic acids.
  • Pimaric acid methyl ester .

Actions: Diuretic, peripheral vasoconstrictor, astringent, nervine, anti-tussive.

chronic disease with frequent pulse

improving the appetite and serving as a mild gastric tonic. Normal secretion is established by it and blood-making and nutrition are improve. lessens the frequency of the pulse, irritability and its attendant inflammation, in a manner equaled by no other remedy. (copied from http://www.healthy.net/scr/mmedica.aspx?MTId=1&Id=173)

NOT to be taken as medical advice. NOT prescribing or attempting to treat, just passing found informtaion along...

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ya, the diuretic bit had me wondering also but all i can find about its diuretic action is that it is 'mild' It seems pretty specific for rapid pulse, vasoconstriction, chronic conditions of rapid pulse, and as a nervine for the vascular and autonomic nervous system. (but possibly contraindicated in hypothyroid)

Butchers broom seems to be specific to blood stagnation and circulation as opposed to the nervous system. not knocking it by any means, and I havent tried either, but it looks like completely different mechanisms.

anyway, it looked quite appealing so i thought id pass it along... i think i may give it a try...

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Butchers mostly works as a vasoconstrictor. (not right for me - found out the hard way) works more like midodrine would. Ha! I called it midodrine light - as my response was the same with the two. AWFUL!!! But, I need to vasodilate. So, no wonder.

Again, for the rapid pulse (tachy) - found motherwort and unsulphured blk. molasses to be of great help.

Let us know how it works for you.


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no kidding, ill hunt around a bit more... and oh no! im thinking that might have sucked... :(

will do...

Edit: poked around a bit more.

It seems butchers broom improves circulation and promotes vasoconstriction by means of its anti inflammatory, adrenal, and diuretic properties and works mostly for venous insuffeciency, whereas bugleweed works specifically on the nervous system as a vasoconstrictor, and is specific to rapid pulse, palpitations, and irregular heart beats... im trying it as soon as i warm up.

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