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Bad news today.........

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

What a bad day........................

I don't mean to whine----but here goes.........

I got a report form the dentist today. I need a bridge replaced because one of the teeth under it has a cavity----and I also found out I have periodontal disease. I have good oral hygiene---in fact I floss and gargle with listerine every day after brushing. I never go to bed without this routine. I have bad luck with my teeth. All my molars have extensive fillings, or crowns. They break easily. I have a slight over bite, so my front teeth don't grind, and they look good.

I'm guessing this is going to be a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and we don't have good dental insurance. Very good medical, but dental is for the birds. Maybe 10% coverage---if that.

My main fear is the problems with my neck/cranial area. It's so unstable that I can't even sleep on my side at night anymore. It is truly a nightmare.....

When I went to the dentist I had problems just being lowered in the chair. I had immediate pressure and pain at the base of my skull. Depending on the severity of my periodontis---I could end up having surgery for it. I don't know yet, as I just received the letter from the dentist today after 4:00pm. When I called the office, they were gone. It mentioned I had some bone loss. I can not figure this out---as I am so careful with my teeth. Especially since losing a tooth in Dec. 2000. This is when I crashed with my POTS. The worst time in my life. I had immediate on set the same night my tooth was pulled. This is where my bridge is now.

All the bones in the back of my head and upper neck are making shifting/cracking noises, and I have a constant hum sound in my ears---it drives me nuts. I feel like the crown of my head, neck and jaws are falling apart.

I feel like throwing in the towel..........

Thanks for letting me vent folks.................

Julie :0(

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Guest tearose

Oh my gosh Julie!

Not more stuff!

Please don't throw in the towel!

Actually, throw it to us, we'll wrap you up in it and send you for an "extreme medical makeover"!

How's that! Or we can send you to the "glue factory" :angry: that is to glue you back together!!!!

Come on girlfriend, you will survive this!

The dentist will find a way to cradle your neck and restrain your floppy body so your pearly whites can be restored! So this year instead of a vacation or fixing the roof, you get a set of better teeth and a healthier and happier smile! :o

Or would you rather the alternative? I don't think so.

Take care, tearose

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Julie, I am meticiculous with my teeth and still have problems. If you have a dry mouth the normal bacteria that protect you from periodontal disease and cavities isn't there, so no matter how hard you work at it, you will still have problems. Also my dentist said that for some reason no one understands, fair skinned people have more problems, so if you are, it won't help things. You should get a flouride plate to wear for part of the day. She also said anyone with chronic illnesses are more prone. So for all of you non flossers, take heed.... :angry: Also listerine is very drying as it has alcohol in it. A much better choice for brushing and mouthwash is biotene. You can get the toothpaste and mouthwash usually in any grocery or drug store. It's a little more expensive, but worth it. There is also a mouth rinse your dentist can prescribe called peroxidine I believe and it helps a great deal with fighting the bacteria. Hopefully these things can help prevent you from having to have surgery. It's worked for me so far, knock on wood (my head) Good luck!!!!! morgan

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Guest Julia59

Thanks so much morgan and Tearose!

Tearose---yes, this dentist will take good care fo my neck. He talked with me for over an hour on my first appointment-----extremely nice man----good thing, because i'll be giving him a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$. Forgive me---I was a bit paranoid, and I was rambling a bit. I'm better now, but still not happy about all the work i'll need done. It may not be as bad as I think though. I need to be a little more positive-------between you and Nina----you can both kick me into gear on that one.

Morgan, thanks for the valuable information. I often wondered about the dry mouth issues, as I have heard this mentioned before. I have a very dry mouth. In fact, so dry, you would swear I went out and drank a twelve pack of beer---and had the morning hangover/cotton mouth----LOL. Also, thanks for the tips on the other mouth rinses, I will definately talk to my dentist about it, and also look at the grocery store for the other rinses.

You are good people, and you gave me a boost---I really needed that. My family isn't very supportive at all, and I sometimes feel like i'm draining my husband as he is the one who gives me the most support---family wise. I also have a couple of brothers who are pretty cool about it----but they still don't understand much about all this. My sister in laws---are pretty cool too. And of course my Dog India, Cat's, Samantha and Spencer are the greatest----and last but not least the rest of you all on this web site---you all help take the heat off Ron my husband.

Thanks again,

Julie :0)

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Hey Jool, as others have said, even with fastidious dental care, there a many things that can still cause perio problems... medications, dry mouth, hormonal changes, stress, nutrition, genetics, grinding and clenching and any disorders that affect the immune system (see http://www.perio.org/consumer/2a.html#causes for more information).

I have problems with periodontal disease and also resorbtion. You may recall that I lost a tooth to resorbtion (my body just 'took it back') along with a portion of the supporting jaw bone. That's why I've had multiple perio surgeries including bone grafting. I actually have my LAST surgical appointment in a few weeks--it's the last step before my stepdad can implant a new tooth.

Anyway, hang in there and just GET IT DONE. If you loose those teeth, there's no going back; oh, and if you think the perio care is expensive, if you need dental implants, you'll have a serious POTS faint when you see the bill. I had to get a loan account just to pay for mine (several doctors in my area offer "Care Credit" accounts, which is essesntially a medical credit card, which is what I needed to use b/c I didn't have the cash).


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Guest Julia59

Wow Nina,

You have certainly opened my eyes a bit. I think we will set up some kind of pmt plan also-------we are looking at options now. I wonder if there is a connection with EDS....?

I guess a lot of people don't have dental insurance---or at least not very good dental plans. My husbands is very bad, but according to one of the letter carrier union reps, employees would give up something from the medical to have better dental. I tried to get a supplimental plan, but at 68 bucks a month---I might as well pay this to the dentist every month. WE will just have to accept the fact that we will be paying dental bills for a long time----right along with student loans----LOL. When I lost my job---I lost the dental & medical insurance. I was lucky to have it.

Would you believe that last night we were at the ER? My HUSBAND has an ABSESS on his last wisdom tooth.......! His whole jaw hurt and he developed a sore throat. They gave him a Z pack and, 800mg motrin, and tylenol 3. He will call the dentist tomorrow to get the tooth pulled. I feel so bad for him, as he is always helping me out after working long hours. I try to do as much as I can to avoid needing his help-----he needs to rest when HE doesn't feel well. Hopefully he can sing next Saturday! He is trying out for the National Anthem at the base ball stadium. It's a very difficult song to sing, but he does a beautiful job. He really was looking forward to this.

Then this morning my right back molar---the gums near that area way up into the cheek is sore, like a canker sore, but a little more inflamed. It might just be irratation as I might have been a little rough cleaning with that new brush they gave me. A tiny brush that is supposed to get around the back teeth, and under the teeth---and reaches small areas. The brush is really stiff, and I think it slipped and scratched area----I can't remember. I hope that's it---it's so sore.

I guess i'm being a little too freaked out. AS I mentioned above-----I was OK with very mild symptoms---only tachycardia and mild fatigue before. My POTS came into full swing after I had a tooth pulled in 2000. That was a major trigger. I was also around of those chemical fumes---which was double the trouble. It was about threee months after that that they found 4 times the normal lead levels in my urine. I have read that can affect your dental health as well.

I will call the dentist tomorrow to see my options. I really like him, so at least I don't have to worry about a bad chair side manner---LOL.....

Also, thanks for the link---I'll check it out later. Off we go to the EASTER fun at my parents.........................I'm looking forward to what everyone thinks of my Son's new girlfriend Carlie & her daughter Kaela.

I'll let you all know what I find out.

Julie :0)

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hey julie...

you know what i say when it pours...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

there is a connection b/w dental problems and EDS. are you a member of EDNF? they are a good resource. i have their cd rom thingie that i don't use (i think i still have it?) if you want it...i know you love doing medical research! since i no longer have the EDS diagnosis...

anyway, just wanted to chip in with a hug...

they should be able to find a way to treat you extra special with your neck issues. they did for me during my gallbladder surgery....they were actually absolutely supportive and kind and wonderful about it.

hey, thanks too for that super card you sent! i love that doggie! and your note was very, very kind and made me cry!

so, just chipping in with a hug. it is raining for real here all week and it is depressing!

later alligator!


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Guest Julia59

Speaking of mouth rinses--I just saw a commercial last night advertising "CREST"

NO-ALCOHOL mouth wash.

How about that! This must be the time of year for dental issues. I have been hearing a lot of people talking about their teeth---and having to visit the dentist---LOL....

My husband got his wisdom tooth removed finally. It was Tuesday. It was supposed to be Monday, but some---a$%^*#@ screwed up the time of the appointment. The receptionist told my husband three, and when we drove across town and went over the Michigan line to the only available oral surgeon----she told us 2:15. She claimed the Toledo office gave her that time. My husband told her he wrote the time down as soon as they told him, but they treated us like idiots.

Finally another person at the desk tried to help us, because I looked like I was going to jump over the counter and choke the rude receptionist.

This girl was so nice and apologized profusely. Another dentist accepted us thankfully for a consult, and she gave us the names of two oral surgeons. This was one of the dentists that called us with a cancellation appt., but we told them we had one already. It's a good thing they were willing to help us, and they were only up the road from the rude dentist office people. Same road, but back in Toledo. West Toledo sits right below Michigan. We live in South Toledo, by MCO-(Grubb)----about a 35 minute drive to Michigan on regular roads. I had to drive because my husband was taking pain killers, and I avoid taking the expressway---my reflexes aren't normal----otherwise it would have taken 15 minutes on rt23.

The wisdom tooth came right out with no problems. The swelling went way down before it was pulled due to the antibiotics and Motrin 800s. It looks like he'll be OK to sing the National Anthem Saturday. He sang it tonight, and sounded really good. :P

I'll see my dentist on the 7th, the nurse told me that she didn't think my periodontal issues were advanced, so i'll probably just need the less invasive treatments for now. I'm so sorry to rant earlier, but the dentist brings back old ugly memories of the POTS-HOLE-of 2000/2001.

I want to thank everyone again for your caring thoughts, and hugs. Emily, i'm so happy to see you pop in from time to time. Slowly, but surely you'll be back---and feeling a lot better.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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