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Hi everyone. I attempted to reply to a fellows post but my password would not work and was unable to reset it. Anyway he had asked if anyone had problems when urinating while standing. I had to laugh on that one although I know that at times it is no laughing matter. I have had a very strong reaction in my chest and both upperarms since I can remember. way before i knew about my condition. So one reply was to sit down. Well I can second that it has been the only way I have coped with it for years.

I have been reading your posts for about two years now and get great comfort from all of you. I have posted only once, twice now but am more of a reader than a writter.

I have been on atenolol for about ten months now and have had a good response from it. I went from bed to work parttime because of it. I still get most of the usual problems just not near as severe. God bless all of us...

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