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Hello all,

I am new to this site.

I have been suffering from POTS for 3 years now! I get really bad dizzyness, shortness of breath, tachycardia, visual disturbances, and about a million other symptoms.

I have been seen by the infamous Dr. Grubb, he is very good. And I have a specialist in Pittsburgh that I see.

I am curious if anybody has anyhting to offer that helps with there pots symptoms.

I drink lots of water and gatorade, and wear compression stocking when I can stand them.

One thing that I have noticed that helps is eating green lives, the level of salt in them helps me feel better. Weird I know, but it helps.

Thanks for listening


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Guest tearose

Hi Linda! I only have a moment to say a quick hello, but I'll get back to you later! :rolleyes:

You came to the right place! You are talking about symptoms we all share with you!

If you need to learn more...read through all the old posts and do a search for topics you have specific interest in. Go to the potsplace website. Better still, our staff listed a ton of links from the main page you can go through.

Yes, do salt, and keep using compression! It takes 20 minutes after putting them on for you to get adjusted to them. They make a huge difference in the quality of many of our lives.

Take care and welcome, tearose

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Welcome, welcome, Linda

Howdy there. I have to agree with tearose, salt (some of us use 5-15 grams, not mgs), stockings, and diet are so important.

How about meds, what do you take and do they help? What do you need help in controling? There are lots of good stuff on the what helps page.

I would give anything just to see him once, just not in the cards right now, no money and no way of getting an appointment (they offered me something in June)

just to backed up from him being so sick earlier, thank goodness he is doing better, there are so many more sicker than me that he can help, down side, no local docs for me, yet.

best of luck and again, welcome,


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