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Healing Music or Jewish Music

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Hello all!

Gena...i saw you mention how much your music helps center you.

Music is one of the only things that I can do right now....TV is mostly too much, as is the computer.

Anyway, I am in need of some new things to listen too...

I would love to hear any of your suggestions for favorites....


two of my favorites:

Paul Winter, Canyon Lullaby

Debbie Freidman, Renewal of Spirit

later alligators! emily

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Apart from the "traditional" subtle healing sounds that soothe our sole ... I have a favorite Jewish artist that really makes me feel good.


To listen to Matisyahu you would be convinced he was an off spring of famous reggea superstar Bob Marley. But to watch this hasidic artist you are struck instantly by the geniune passion he has and his ability to plug in to your own sense of spirit.

There are lots of free downloads of his music (and lyrics) on his web site.




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Guest tearose

Hi Emily, I don't have any links but I can "name names"! :o

For Jewish themes/artists try: Lessia I love her stuff all of it. Soothing and peaceful.

there is Cindy Paley who does more for the younger crowd but her sabbath music and holiday music is magnificent.

(and you already have Debbie Friedman)

For fun Jewish try Schlock Rock. Lots of laughing here!

For just getting my brain awake I "do" Mozart for the Mind. I can't drive a long trip without this CD. Also good on homebound "brain fog" days!!!

happy listening, tearose

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I'm a music junky. You name it I seem to like it (sorry with the exception of most hip-hop and some rap). My kids are floored when we change the radio station and I seem to know the words to all the songs, rock, jazz, country, etc.

To relax I enjoy Enya, the sound track to The Lord Of The Rings(all 3), most classical, new age, blah, blah blah.. Reciently I started listening to the Old Classics being done by Rob Stewart, LOVE IT, but then again, I like that "old stuff", Frank S., Old Country- like Jonny cash, Hank WIlliams Sr. ...

To get going-Greatful Dead, hard rock(80's headbangers) Queen, Twisted Sister, Older rock and roll-ie. 40's-60's, Sharika, i can't think anymore....

Boy do I feel old today


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