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Need. Bronchodilator ?

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In my opinion Xopanex is better, it doesn't work as fast but it's almost the exact same thing. But really inhaled steroids like asthmanex are good, but not rescue inhalers, they usually last 24 hours strengthening the lung muscle.

Do you have any pots related breathing problems?

I find xopanex and albuteral excite the sympathetic system and they give me the shakes with adrenaline rushes, but after I take it for a couple of days the tacky and shakes last for less and less... There are long acting albuterols that I've heard are even better without the tacky. I've been to chicken to try them though..

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I use albuterol sometimes and it will actually give me tremors - but, it will open up my lungs and it also helps with mast cell issues. I only use it if - I'm really bad and can't seem to catch my breath - but, I'd rather use it and be able to breathe even though it may create other issues with my POTS. I tried beconase and don't like it. Albuterol was the least side effects of the two. (I don't have asthma by the way - and docs can't figure out why it helps me. But, it's because it helps with mast cell issues in the lungs.)


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I wounder what affect albuterol has on catecholamine levels?

Albuterol blocks the beta 2 receptors. POTS already has excessive norepinephrine in the synapses, if you block one receptor they'll just go to the other receptors. It's a trade off effect probably.

I'll have to try Albuterol, shortness of breath/throat spasm during public speaking/anxiety provoking situations is my worst symptom.

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Jangle, if i had those issues and took Albuterol it would not help me with the anxiety aspect. But it does seem to hit the body differently if you use the canister vs. the nebulizer. The nebulizer from my experience helps better with the SOB while, but it has the side effect of major adrenal surges and tremors, which I doubt would be for speaking..

There are some meds for anxiety breathing issues...

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