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Denied Ss

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Got the letter today. Trying not to be upset because I expected it, but there was that glimmer of hope, you know? Their reason -if I'm interpreting correctly- is because I couldn't prove I was sick during the time I was eligible. I didn't apply sooner because of this, but then I learned if I could prove I was sick during that time frame I might still be able to get it. I stopped working in 2001. I was last eligible in Dec. 2006. I wasn't diagnosed until March 2007... 3 months too late. I provided evidence from 1998 from a neurology appointment where I talk about the same symptoms I have today. I also provided from 2000, a bunch of blood tests done by an endocrinologist including very elevated EBV levels. That Dr. told me she thought I had CFS - unfortunately, I don't have that in writing and she has since passed away. I can't think of more documentation I can provide - I flooded them with medical records, but most of it was post 2006. All I can think to do is write a letter with my appeal and emphasize the point that I was sick during that time, as I am today. And maybe have my husband or someone write a letter explaining this. Any other ideas?


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Before an attorney, consider Allsup. They only take the govt allowed amount which is not 30%. Google them. I was going to use them. I hope they take you. Sometimes attorneys do nothing so find a good one (or use Allsup).

Sorry you have to deal with this stress.

Did you work during that time - maybe your company can write a letter stating how many sick days you used or that your employment was in question due to your illness.

I would try to get letters from other people not immediate family. Your pastor, employer, child's teacher - a third party, especially if they can attest to the illness causing a problem in your life.

Also, there is a Yahoo group called "Disinissues". Disability insurance issues. They are a volunteer group and have attorneys on the list ( a couple) that give free advice.



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