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Weird Spell


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I've had the stand up and feel really woozy spells before I was diagnosed and recently with medicine they have not been happening, but just recently here at work when I was cleaning up after some kids I would stand up and have that issue and even after sitting down and stabalizing my vison is blurry and my head feels swimmy.

I have a pounding headache and I feel like I am having adrenaline rushes too, kind of the feeling like someone has knocked the breathe out of me. I have not been super active this morning, but I have had a good bit of sugar over the last day and a half.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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These do sound like adrenaline rushes, but if you're kneeling down or bending over, then standing up suddenly, and you have POTS, feeling "swimmy" is understandable since your nervous systems, being disordered, can't adjust to your sudden shifts in posture as quickly as someone who has a healthy nervous system. Does that make sense? It's best to stoop down, not bend, and rise slowly. Give your body time to adjust to the change.

With regard to your good bit of sugar. Do you have a sugar problem--diabetes, hypoglycemia? You may want to be checked if you're finding yourself getting light headed, with pounding head. After you've been deemed healthy or not, if you're healthy with regard to sugar diseases, you may want to refrain from a lot of quick carbs and lean more towards snacks that are more balanced with fat, protein and carb, so you don't get the sugar rushes and drops. Those are hard on ya, and once you get into the cycle of eating sugar, going high, bottoming out, eating more sugar, going high again, bottoming out quickly again, etc., it's hard to get out of that cycle and it ends up making you feel like crap.

But, yes, I'm a sugar person, too. I used to love candy bars and kids' cereals. Oh, those were the days.

Take care.


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