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  1. It went well. Had some anxiety but went under well. Waking up my Bp kept dropping to about 100/55 but would bounce back. It took me longer than most to come to ad get my nervous system back with it. I'm groggy still and a horrible headache. Thanks!
  2. I am having an epidural pain block in the morning and am being fully put under. It's been over 5 years since I last had anesthesia and was not dealing with MVP and dysautonomia at the time. I told the PA and she said not to worry the anesthesiologist was great and they'd keep me in recovery a little longer than usual. Anyone have problems with anesthesia? Side effects or reactions?
  3. Thank you all SO much! It does makes sense that it is the frustration of not having complete control over my life tht gets me the most upset. I'm a very have it together, planned out, an organized person...knowing that I can't control this adds anxiety. Anger of what I feel like is something so ridiculous get to me, and frustration that I feel not one person around me understands. My fiancé is great, he has a coworker whose wife suffers from the same mvp and dysautonomia, and having someone who an explain it and deals with their wife suffering has made him understand a lot more. However, my parents, friends, and family do not always understand when I suddenly have a meltdown or I have to just stop what I'm doing. I feel like everyone else around me judges because they do not understand and it looks as if I'm lazy or crazy and then I feel like a wimp. I can deal with the MVP, it's the nervous system illness that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
  4. I feel fine for a week or a few days at a time, sometimes even months. Then all of the sudden it is like I just have a "spell" and I get in a terrible doom and gloom mood. I am ill, snap at everyone, hate everyone, hate everything, cry hysterically over nothing, and have imense anxiety over nothing. My heart races and my head hurts and I feel like I just want to beat the crap out of someone instead of being nice and friendly and my normal self. This makes me feel like I am crazy. Like I am bipolar or schizoprenic when, obviously, I know I am not. I just do not understand how any normal person can go through these stages and spells and be a sane person. Does anyone else have these problems?
  5. It's pretty much the same as others like Wellbutrin but it is supposed to give you energy, make you focused, and not take away your sex drive. I need it for energy bc I completely came off caffeine and I'm trying to survive nursing school
  6. Yes, I forgot to mention candy was just research. They do try trials but no exact treatment. Only stuff that may or may not help. Their website is great though!
  7. I am currently on Wellbutrin Xl and am starting a starter pack of viibryd in the morning to replace it. Has anyone tried this med?
  8. I see dr. Susan Phillips at that center and ADORE the women!! She gave me my life back and is so understanding. I'm sure you'll have a good experience. A friend if my fiancé's wife, who lives in north Alabama, was going to bandy and traded it in for the MVP here in bham. The great tng about their office, you can email the nurse anytime with questions and they always respond! Very helpful esp if you don't live around here. I feel very lucky to have this clinic in my hometown. Wear comfy clothes and tennis shoes. They take you back and do your height and weight and have you out a gown on. I had my echo first, then an EKG, then did the tilt table test, and the stress test. If you're a women, modesty does fly out the window as your heart is located under a lady part everyone makes you feel so comfortable though and talks to you. After all the tests you speak with the doctor about your diet. It takes a good few hours.
  9. Does anyone take, bak with, or use coconut oil in their everyday life?
  10. My doctor took me completely off caffeine. It's horrible for symptoms and causes them to increase drastically. I went from drinking 5-6 caffeinated drinks a day to not having a drop in over a year. I am a nursing student as well. I find the vitamin water zero rise flavor helps me. No caffeine just lots of vitamins.
  11. I suffer from MVP which diagnosed my dysautonomia. Before I got diagnosed with either I would have this horrible horrible chest pains. Like my valve was pinching or someone had stuck a knife through my ribs and up through my heart. So bad I'd keel over I've been good since starting beta blocker, but the last few days the pain has started back and just now I was laying on the sofa and one hit me out of nowhere. A pain do bad that it took the breate out of me, I broke out in a sweat, and honestly thought I was going to pass out. Anyone else experience this? My checkup at the cardiologist is in September. Not sure if I should call? I was diagnosed with strep Monday, could that be interfering?
  12. I have been doing good for a couple of months. Wih summer starting I started spending weekends on the lake, tending to a boat, and laying out. It has been around 95 degrees and I realized my weakness, dizziness, and chest pains came back. It has been 100+ here lately in Alabama and my extent of being outside is walking from my car in to work/school/house, but I just feel awful. The past week has brought back headaches, tremors/jitters, chest pains, moodiness, and pass out feeling. I feel like I can't hold my head up. I was weeping pretty well to until all this fired up. Now my sleep is light and sporadic. I wake up for no reason. Do symptoms just come and go like this?
  13. My mom and I had a major blow out tonight. I got hysterical bc I cannot control my nervous system and he told me my sickness was no different from anyone else's and to suck it up... Needless to say I equalled for a while and got so depressed. We apologized but still I know she doesn't understand.
  14. My fiancé is great and super supportive of what he can understand... Our mothers on the other hand...I'm an only child so my mom's super involved in the wedding and just gets upset if I say differently an his mom isn't all that easy to talk to so its super stressful trying to please everyone. My aunt and uncle obviously don't care enough to not cause problems in our family and my aunt by marriage just laughed at my diagnosis. Not a real nice lady.
  15. Nursing school hasn't been an easy war to wage. I never could understand why I couldn't remember information...so I'm in my 5th year. I have a feeling of sheer panic almost. I have to have everything precisely planned out or I will have a panic attack because I feel like I'm loosing control. Everything is worst case scenario....anyone can say somethin to me and I aUtomatically think they hate me or are judging me.
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