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Hi Tearose, yes, your absence is duly noted! I am so hopeful that you are working on the plans for the DINET spa or baking us all dozens of cookies, or even enjoying winter school break with your kids, but I fear you may have fallen into a POTShole and haven't been able to get out. Is this true?

Take care and be back soon.

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Guest tearose

Thank you for looking for me geneva! I am above the potshole so don't worry.

I had major trouble these past 5 days getting onto the forum since the forum host server crashed!!! :angry: I'll try to do catch up this weekend! ;)

I am dealing with a lot of medical stuff right now and I'll update when I have some more time. We have house guests for the first time in our home and it is a big deal trying NOT to overdo and still be a good "hostess". Our guests are strict vegetarian so I'm learning a lot more about cooking to accommodate them.

I haven't been faithful to regular exercise with all my doctors appointments and company this week but I have finally learned not to be disappointed in myself and so I will get back to floor exercise tomorrow!

I have managed housework and cooking so I have been more active at the very least!

best regards, tearose

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Tearose - I am glad to know you're not in a potshole. It sounds like you've got your plate full right now. Unfortunately, it's not full of yummy cookies! :angry:

Try not to over do it and enjoy that vegan cooking! It's always good to try new things, right?

I've had a lot of trouble getting on the site as well. It's been down a lot for me. Hope you're back with us soon. Until then, eat well and be well ;)


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Gena, you are so kind to keep everyone in your thoughts.

And good to know Tearose that you are above ground. As for your vegan house guests ... I posted a quick sweet chili recipe on my web site just this morning!


Can't beat the simplicity of opening a few cans!

I did do my walk around the cul d' sac -- but unfortunately I crashed very hard the next day and was down more or less for a week. I'm coming back though and will try HALF the cul d' sac and perhaps some floor exersizes.

Please take some moments to just be still while everything else seems to be buzzy around you.

Good thoughts your way.


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Guest tearose

You are all just the best! Thanks again geneva, gina and em!

I'm baking lots of bread these days not cookies. But it is rewarding and just as tasty!

I did okay for my vegan cooking days and rediscovered how much I enjoy beans. Well soaked beans.

EM, I can't remember the last time I used red lentils and your cool karma suggestions inspired me. I guess I hadn't been well enough for a long time, and didn't make it to the health food store and the regular market never carried them. Now that I've been getting stronger I went in search of them. Thank you! My husband requested the apple oat tart and today I went out to buy oat flour! I will make the tart soon. It has been a long while since I made quinoa and I picked up that too...now I'm getting back into a healthier groove!

No potshole on my horizon but I'll still be careful! You never can be overly careful with our sensitive little bodies!

smiles and warm fuzzies, tearose

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