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Very Sad, wanted to Share

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

This Suicide Was Senseless and Preventable!

Janice was doing everything "right." She was seeing a neurologist, taking

preventives, using triptans as soon as a Migraine attack began, using rescue

medications sparingly when triptans failed. Still, about once a month, even

with her triptans and rescue medications, a Migraine would spiral out of

control, and she'd go to the ER. Why did she commit suicide?...



As a result of this, my migraine support group has decided to start making wristbands promoting migraine awareness. We are still in the planning process. We have formed another Yahoo group to do this. We have the support of Patient Advocate Teri Robert and hope to gain funding through pharmaceutical companies. If anyone is interested, I can let you know when we get it off the ground or where the group is.

This is a perfect example of what a mess our medical community is.

With great sorrow,

A fellow migraineur,

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been there, done that! felt suididal, yep. done anyting about it? yep, got a second, third and fourth opinions, finally got help.

i no longer suffer from migrains, except the rare, once a year thing.

thank goodness. i guess i traded up for the POTS thing as i now have CFS to go with it. one big pain all over.

to anyone out there in any form of pain. PLEASE don't "just deal with it". there are docs out there who do care, mabey hard to find, but there. and never be afraid to ask for help. someone out there will help.



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