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Epstein Barr


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When I was tested for mono in the fall of 2006, I had already been really sick for 4-5 months and they couldn't figure "it" out -- until my doc went back over my chart and said "gee, golly, we never tested for mono!" She tested me that day and it came back positive. Within two months, I was still feeling pretty crappy (hypotensive episodes in the morning, fatigue, headaches) so they tested again and I got "indicative of past infection" result. She said that it meant that my immune system was working on the virus and that I was technically in "recovery" mode. But, it took Effexor and Florinef to get my bp back up to normal ranges and give me some energy back.

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My first symptoms of dysautonomia were a virus that misaligned my left eye, and left my right side with neuropathy for 5 years. Don't know what it was. I was tested for lyme, but I don't know about Epstein Barre. I will ask my neuro next week when I see him...I have had other herpes viruses though. These are all herpes viruses; herpes I, herpes II, chicken pox, mono, shingles, CMV, Roseola, etc.....

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I ticked "tested positive for past infection" b/c my test was so long ago (1999) that I don't remember whether it was a past or current infection. I assume it was "past" b/c I don't recall any treatment for a current infection. I also had a pretty horrific case of mono when I was 18 (30 years ago!) and feel like that was when my cfs started (I seem to remember them saying that I had such elevated white blood cell count that they thought it could be leukemia - but I'm not sure if that makes any sense!). I was only out of school for two weeks, and never felt like I got completely over it.

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