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Any British People take MIDODRINE?


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Midodrine in NOT dangerous unless you 1) take too much or 2) take it close to bed time, which would provoke "supine hypertension" and could cause a stroke.

However, if your blood pressure is low consistently, then that's what the medication was created for and approved for. It's been approved in the US for at least a decade or so--and I believe the US is much stricter with pharmaceutical approval than in most of Europe.

I took it for many many years without a single bad side effect. Also, it only stays in your system for 4 hours maximum, so if you do start with a low dose and have a bad side effect, it will be completely out of your system rather quickly.

Typical dosing is to take upon waking and then every 4 hours, being sure to take your last dose AT LEAST 4 hours before bed. Also, you can start as low as 2.5 mg, or even 1.25 (half a 2.5 tab). My average dose was 7.5mg every 4 hours, to as much as 12.5.

Maybe if you tell your doctors you'll sign a release saying you're not going to hold them responsible for any side effects you incur, perhaps then they'll give you the medication? BTW, I thought you could get medications without a prescription in much of Europe? Perhaps you might sidestep the doctors on this one as long as you are clear on the instructions for how to use the medication--and tell the docs that you're going ahead without them?

Good luck! Nina

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I have the same problem - my GP flatly refuses to prescribe it (cited monitoring, and cost), so Consultant writes me a prescription (which he's not happy about, cost) which I get filled at the hospital pharmacy. The downside to this is that I then have to trek into central London to the hospital.

First time I ran out I called the Consultant's sec, who spoke to him and then told me to get my GP to write a prescription. Letters (and faxes) flew back and forth, but then I had a hospital appointment and they wrote me a prescription for 3 months. GP still refuses to prescribe.

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