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Fish Oil, Then Fisol, Anything Else--Choking Still


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I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction and have a terrible time trying to get my fish oil down. My eye doctor says I must stay on fish oil for high omega 3 content. I aspirated the big gel tab one day and nearly choked to death (hubby was in shower). And the fish oil made me soooo nauseous, belching the oil for hours. Someone here was kind enough to recommend Fisol (enteric coated/smaller). I did get 2 bottles of that and was so happy to see the smaller ones but they are still wide at the largest point in diameter and I've found it blocking my windpipe as I'd tried to get it down a few times--today another scarey event (but my VCD is acting up).

Does anybody know of any other kind of fish oil that might be smaller and softer? I found the bigger fish oil gelcap to be softer than the fisol but the fisol was smaller. Thank you for any suggestions. (I take my fish oil with bit of soft bread to help push it down).

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I take orange flavored liquid fish oil and mix it in to orange juice. It works well because you can barley taste the fishy flavor.

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