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Why Am I Fluid Dumping After Laying Down + Shaking?!?


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it's strange so you all must know why, right?

I'm sick with a bad virus, and chronically not hydrated enough, I drank a few extra cups of water last night before bed, (which is HARD) so I lay down in bed, didn't feel cold before then, I start shaking/vibrating and all that fun and then, I had to get up and wee like 6 times min, like full decent amounts too, I HAD to go, like haven't gone all day kind of urge.

I wake up and my urine is very acidic and now I burn down there like ****. But I DRANK LOADS!!!! Why did my body feel the need to dump it all before I went to sleep?

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I don't know why it happens, but I can relate to this. This was an early symptom for me - my head would hit the bed, boom have to pee. Go to the bathroom, lay back down, have to pee... and so on. It also wakes me up at night. I asked a Dr. about it and he said something like, oh the body gets rid of fluid at night. Ok, but this is extreme! On another note, you mention burning - could you have a UTI?

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This sounds like how I get when I have too much Adrenalin running around my body, which I guess might be the case if you have a bad virus, it does not matter how much I drink it just flows out straight away. The burning could be that your body is concentrating your urine too much, I also have this happen.

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