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Weird Coincidence Or Onset Relationship?

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You know what's weird, and I can't believe that I had forgotten this, is that 3 days prior to my onset, I remember we went to the local animal shelter and I was holding a bunch of cats. There was also a sick.cat there. He looked like how I look now :) The tachycardia started the next day.

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SOOOOOO weird that you would bring this up.... Kind of odd... especially because the Mayo doctors said that I have had the autonomic dysfunction and autoimmune defieciency for my whole life- and I have had a few minor episodes over the years as well as certain symptoms ever since I can remember: syncope, low BP, skin discoloration and mottling, tachycardia, and many more.... and we have always had cats..

BUT... we rescued a cat from the shelter and THAT day I had my first (EVER) episode of shortness of breath and later that day syncope (first in a year or more becaues I had been symptom free for a awhile) and since then it has progressed to the absolute WORST flare that I can imagine. I was actually first DXed with adult onset asthma because I did so terribly on the breathing test and given an inhaler and inhaled steroids but I never felt that was the problem. I have NEVER had breathing problems in my entire life and it just didn't seem to go with many of my other symptoms (and I am NOT an autonomic dysfunction sufferer with Mast Cell issues or any allergy problems as far as I know) and we also had ANOTHER cat in the home at the same time. But this particular cat came into our home and THAT DAY all of my symptoms began with a big flare. It seems like it HAS to be a coincidence but it took me quite a bit of time to get the doctors OFF of the asthma bandwagon. That was in April of 2011 and by November 2011 I was in the hospital, 6 concussions later, multiple syncopal spells a day, organs beginning to fail and extremely sick. It doesn't seem logical to blame to cat and I have always just thought it was a coincidence but I thought I would comment because you did :)

The ONLY difference between this flare and others is that I had NEVER had shortness of breath in my LIFE and I was quite scared and shocked at the way it affected my life and still does. Even with all of my other issues I've had since birth apparently, breathing problems was never one of them until we got the cat. The cat is no longer with us (for a numer of reasons) but I STILL have the shortness of breath, the gasping for air, the chest pain.... so the symptoms didn't leave with the cat.

Interesting.. Don't know if its relevant, but interesting anyway. Thanks for bringing this up!


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