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Stomach Bug


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I have a little stomach bug so I have barely been drinking. I am miserable because now I am dizzy and potsy along with the bug. I think it's just a 24 hour bug but I am very dehydrated. Should I get an IV? Any other ideas?

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Stomach bugs are really hard :( 

When I had one a year or so ago I was sooo dehydrated & sooo thirsty. I decided against the ER bc dr's in my area never reacted deal well & didn't want to deal with that.

As soon as I got past the first round w/out vomitting. You know how it goes in cycles like 30 mins or an hour.

I sipped and I kept it down for 1/2 an hour I took another sip, then

went to 25 mins until I got to 5 mins apart & gradually got back go my normal drinking. 

Honestly, it tool a few days till I was back to my normal amount but I did avoid the hospital.

There's also this post in a pots blog about stomach bugs:


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