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Merrill, question for you...


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I know I am not Merrill but since I am about to under go 2 crowns next month and then 2 more the next month I thought I would answer too. The carbocaine did nto effect me but the only thing is that it wears off faster than the other stuff. So sometimes I had to get an extra injection. There is a new thing that they use for numbing that still has the epinephrine but they have taken out the part that makes your heart race. I have tried it twice. The first time it made me really shaky but the second time it was ok.I am sorry I can't m the name of that stuff maybe someone else knows. :) But overall I am happier with the one without the epi. One thing that really helps me make it through is to constantly try and relax. I actually remind myself over and over relax your hands elax your neck etc.. and I am always tense when I do that and it does seem to help.

Hope I helped,

Stacey :-)

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I'm Merrill! Hi! Too funny to see my name in headlines!

No, I don't have any problems with carbocaine afterwards. And Stacey's right--as I wrote earlier, it doesn't stick around nearly as long as novacaine or other numbing agents. It definitely works and can get you numb enough -- How much you need will depend on how deep the decay is and how close you will get to the nerve as well. (It's a pretty individual thing anyway!)

I'm pretty sure I've also had root canals using carbocaine ... Sometimes I've had to get a root canal before the crown--your dentist won't know in advance whether that will be necessary. (If you're in significant pain now, you may have a dying nerve and a root canal will be necessary.)

Here's the trick: if you feel ANYTHING during any dental procedure, wave your hand and tell the dentist you want more carbocaine. Pain itself will certainly get your adrenaline going and make your heart race as if you'd mainlined epinephrine ... so make sure you're not in pain during the procedure!

By the way, JLB, what "happens to you afterwards?" There's no reason to be afraid of going to the dentist (unless you don't have a good one) ... Remember, no pain. The only thing to contend with is the boredom of sitting with your mouth open, which isn't always super comfortable. At least you don't have to stand!!! As Stacey says, staying relaxed is key. Bring your favorite CD (chances are great s/he'll have a stereo and can play it for you) or your own cd player ...

One more tip: I always make sure I take a full breath and exhale through my nose while he's giving me the carbocaine. It really helps me stay relaxed and get through that first icky pinch. Counting works during these seconds as well.

Good luck ... and don't delay another minute! It's not worth being uncomfortable!

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Thanks for the info, Merrill. You too, Stacey. And you're right, it isn't worth the pain - I'll be calling my dentist in the morning.


What happens to me afterwards is the most distressing of IHBs - PVCs, flutters, and just a wildly irregular HB. It lasts for days, and it absolutely exhausts me. Scares me to death, too, and if I go to the ER they brand me again as an anxiety case. maybe the worst part is the lack of real medical help.

But I'm going to do it. I know I need a root canal, needed it for months now - I'm not going to wait until I get an abscess or something.

Everyone, please yell at me if I start to chicken out. I'll post the date of my app't, and bring it up again as it approaches, so if I don't go I'll feel really bad. :)

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